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| Annatel - American Customer Service from an Israeli Telephone Company

Gedaliah Blum     International
Wednesday, 19 April 10:35 AM

Taking the stress out of making Aliyah and living in Israel, Annatel is the telephone company that not only provides excellent telephone and internet services in Israel, but also helpful and polite customer service and technical support.

Our competitive mobile phone plans include unlimited local and international calls to all US and Canadian numbers, and to land lines in 30 additional countries, high speed data packages (6GB or 20GB), and a choice of international Virtual Numbers with Caller ID. This last feature is crucial if you are running a business from Israel, or calling overseas companies or government offices that screen international calls. It makes it cheaper for friends and family to call you in Israel using your “local” number.

Also helpful to new Olim is the opportunity to port your old home or cellphone number to your Israeli cellphone. Any currently active USA phone number – land line or cell phone – can be transferred to Israel, and you will no longer have to pay your American provider to keep that number in service forever.

There is no minimum commitment when you sign up with Annatel, and our customers appreciate understanding what they have agreed to. Our website is in English with everything clearly explained, and we have English-speaking sales and customer support staff standing by to assist you. We offer land line, internet and business telephone services too.

Call Annatel today and switch to a telephone provider who wants to make it easy for you in Israel! Call us in Israel on 074-714-6064 or in the USA on 646-844-6565.

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck?  Call us.
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