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Jerusalem Apartment Rentals     Rechavia,Talbieh,German Colony,Shaarei Chessed...     See on Map
Thursday, 22 June 7:45 AM

JERUSALEM APARTMENT RENTALS represents many luxury apartments in the finest Jerusalem buildings. These buildings include King David’s Residence, located on King David Street, across the street from the Mamla Mall, King David’s Crown, in the Lovely King David’s Village neighborhood, adjacent to Mamilla and other luxury buildings and locations in the central neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

These 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments offer the highest standards available. All are designer apartments with a wide range of amenities.

The apartments are all located close (most of the time within a short walking distance) to all the sites,locations and facilities that you and your family will want to visit and enjoy.

Many of the luxury buildings offer you services such as private parking in the building’s parking facilities, 24/7 Doorman and Security, Swimming Pools, Health and Fitness Facilities and much more for your stay.

Other apartments are located in neighborhoods such as Shaarei Chessed, Rechavia and Talbieh in prime locations and in lovely buildings. These luxurious apartments will let you feel right at home and just like a Jerusalem resident! In other words, the best of both worlds!

JERUSALEM APARTMENT RENTALS is proud to provide you with our list of luxury apartments we currently have available for your stay in Jerusalem.

When you click on the address of each apartment you will be able to see a presentation and get information.

By using the contact form located below, you can contact us about the apartment,with any questions and comments.

With JERUSALEM APARTMENT RENTALS, you are not just a guest, but part of our family. We will always go the extra step to make sure that your stay in Jerusalem will be a wonderful experience.

King David’s Residence

Apartment 108 2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

Apartment 110 3 Bedrooms,3 Baths

Apartment 114 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 202 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 203 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

Apartment 205 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 208 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 405 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

7 HaRav Kook Street

Apartment A11 2 Bedrooms,1 Full Bath

Apartment A12 3 Bedrooms,3 Baths

Apartment A34 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment A5   3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment A7   1 Bedroom,1 Full Bath

Apartment B26 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment B5   2 Bedrooms,1.5 Baths

Apartment C5   1 Bedroom,1 Full Bath

King David’s Village

38 Yismach Melech Street  3 Bedrooms,1.5 Baths)

On Yismach Melech Street  2 Bedrooms,2 Baths Private Pool

Private Penthouse  4 Bedrooms,4 Baths

 1 Eliyahu Shama St. 4 Bedrooms,4 Full Bath Duplex  (Sleeps Up To 14!)



Mamilla Duplex 702 3 Master Bedrooms

Shaarei Chessed

8 Israelis Street 3 Bedrooms,3.5 Baths

Musrara (Morasha)

3 Elisha Street 5th Floor 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

Downtown Jerusalem

4 Strauss Street 5th Floor  3 Bedrooms,2 Full Baths

4 Strauss Street 10th Floor 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Saidoff Complex 153 Jaffa Road Private Cottage 3.5 Bedrooms,3.5 Baths

Old Katamon

17 Tel Chai Street 3 Bedrooms,1.5 Baths


18 Arlozorov Street 4 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

12 Agron Street  3 Bedrooms,3 Baths

24 Abraham Lincoln Street 4 Bedrooms,3 Full Baths

6 Shalom Aleichem Street 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

 27 Hovevei Tzion St. 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths Ground Floor


Yemin Moshe

27 Hatikvah Street Private Villa  4 Bedrooms,3.5 Baths

For More Information Contact:

Jerusalem Apartment Rentals



052-977-9191 In Israel

972-52-977-9191 From Overseas

+1-718-841-8020 From USA



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