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Friday, 18 August 12:49 PM

Sukkot one of the nicest and most popular times of the year to be in Jerusalem. The city takes on a wonderful holiday atmosphere.


At Jerusalem Apartment Rentals we have a wide selection of 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments available for Sukkot. All these apartments are fully furnished,fully equipped and STRICTLY Kosher. Most of these apartments have either their own private Sukkah or access to a communal Sukkah located in the building and available for your use. They are all located in the choice neighborhoods of Jerusalem.


Below is our list of apartments currently available for Sukkot,2017. When clicking on the address of the apartments, you will be able to see a presentation, including pictures,a full description and a map detailing the apartments location. As new apartments become available,we will update the list.


Feel free to contact us with and questions,for further information and about any of your needs for Sukkot,2017.


Hope to see you for Sukkot,2017 in Jerusalem!!


-One Bedroom-

5 David Marcus Street

15 Benjamin Disraeli Street


-Two Bedrooms-

5 Mapu Street

3 Smolenskin Street

1 Ruth Street

36 Rachel Imenu Street

18 Kaf Tet BeNovember Street


-3 Bedrooms-

5 Diskin Street 2nd Floor

5 Diskin Street 8th Floor

King David’s Residence Apt. 203

King David’s Residence Apt. 202

King David’s Residence Apt. 205


-4 Bedrooms-

King David’s Residence Apt. 107

7 HaRav Kook Street Apartment A32 4 Bedrooms,3 Baths



Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

052-977-9191 In Israel

972-52-977-9191 From Overseas

1-718-841-8020 From The USA



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