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| Israelis can explore the "Titanic" - for $105,000

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 19 March 11:10 AM
A trip being marketed in Israel allows passengers the unique opportunity to explore the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean and see the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, the infamous British passenger ship that sank in 1912. There’s only one catch: the $105,000 price tag.

Spots are open for three separate delegations of 10 to 12 passengers to participate in the eight-day trips scheduled for June 2018. Travelers will submerge to a maximum depth of 3,800 meters to visit the sunken ship. During the trips, passengers are expected to take an active part in research tasks, learn about the technology making the experience possible and take part in collecting data about the ship.
Full Story (Jerusalem Post)

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