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| What’s happening in Jerusalem’s contemporary art scene? March 20 – March 25

Zev Stub    
Monday, 20 March 10:10 AM

Shared from Contemporary Art in Jerusalem 

xhibition Opening: Meditations on Love  | Exhibition details: First solo show of artist Mindy Weisel whose expressive paintings reflect personal, spacial and emotional layers onto her canvas, activating the viewer with color, hidden words and markings. Event Details: Opens Monday, March 20th at 19:00. Rosenbach Contemporary, King David St. 16. For more info, click here.

Mindy Weisel at Rosenbach Untitled

Gallery Talk: Bring Near the Day | Exhibition details: Gallery talk with curator Gali Grinspan about the exhibition Bring Near the Day, which includes ceramic works by seven artists who use the ceramic material as a base and platform to press signs and scars into it. Talk will be in Hebrew with the opportunity to ask questions in English.  Event Details: Monday, March 20th at 19:00. HaCubia Gallery, Yehoshua Yavin St.  13. For more info, click here.


Gallery Talk: Model Painter | Exhibition Details: Gallery talk with artists Yonatan Ron and Eyal Sasson, presenting their exhibition Model-Painting. Sasson’s fantastic landscapes turn into “pop-up paintings” that acquire volume, exceeding the limits of the flat canvas. Ron’s urban landscapes capture a given moment that underscores the absence. Both seem to offer a model for a real or imagined environment. Talk will be in Hebrew with the opportunity to ask questions in English. Event details: Friday, March 24th at 12:00. New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Gate 22. For more info, click here.



Closing event: Guernica in the Bedroom | Exhibition details: Solo exhibition featuring the paintings of Noam Wenkert, who uses this project to explore the personal stories various acquaintances and strangers have had with artwork exhibited in their own childhood homes, versus a gallery or a museum.  Wenkert illustrates unique situations and emotions in each painting, telling the stories of the role art plays in personal lives. Event Details: Saturday, March 25th at 20:00. Koresh 14 Gallery, Koresh St. 14, Entrance Daled. For more info, click here.



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