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| Cutest Puppy Needs Home

Marcel Boshoff     City Centre
Monday, 15 May 6:02 PM

Hi Janglo fellows...

My wife and I found the cutest puppy on the street accross from the Canada Centre on Shivtei Israel. She is the most loving, cutest, sweet dog ever. She is around 3 months old, a cross breed. We did take her to the vet and found no chip of her belonging to someone. We also gave her, her first vaccination and sprayed her fully against flees, as well as an anti worms pill. She is completely healthy and fit and of course very beautiful.

My wife and I are unable to take care of her due to the fact that our appartment is too small and that both of us work full time.

 Please if there is anyone that is willing to give her a special place in their home please feel free to contact us on :

For pictures please contact me on the following number : 052 937 0938 - Moshe 

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