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| Super-low WOW airfares not as cheap as they seem

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 17 May 11:16 AM

Icelandic low-cost carrier WOW Air today officially began accepting reservations for flights from Israel on its website, which includes a Hebrew-language interface. What are the prices, and what extra charges should be taken into account? WOW is offering flights from Tel Aviv via Reykjavik to destinations throughout the US and Canada.

The promise of a flight to the US for $149 in each direction applies to certain dates, for example an outgoing flight on September 18. If you want to add a suitcase, which the airline calls "WOW Plus," including protection for cancelations, the price jumps to $255 for an outgoing flight. Just adding a suitcase of up to 20 kilograms costs $70.

Another extra charge that should be taken into account is $10 in each direction for choosing your seat ($40-50 for reserving a seat with extra leg room), raising the price to $230 in each direction without cancellation.

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