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| Intensive DBT Skills Course at Machon Dvir

Zev Stub     Near First Station
Monday, 12 June 5:33 PM

Get Emotionally Savvy this Summer! Learn Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness Skills, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness in our intensive 6-week DBT course in Jerusalem.

Machon Dvir is offering a high-intensity, 6-week Dialectical Behavior Therapy summer program comprising two 3-hour group sessions each week.  In just 6 weeks you will learn practical skills for controlling your emotional behavior so that you can function more effectively. This is helpful for anyone who struggles to control their emotions or who is prone to anxiety or depression, impulsive, addictive and self-harming behaviors, and dysregulated eating. 


DBT is a tried and tested therapy that is effective in helping people with emotion regulation. It is an offshoot of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) - a well-known therapy used often for treating anxiety and depression.

The goal of the high intensity DBT program is to provide a more structured and supportive framework for individuals who require intensive DBT treatment while in Israel, in order to help them acquire the necessary skills for effective functioning. It is designed to help people who are struggling with significant difficulties regulating their emotions and behavior (including self-harming behaviors) which affects their ability to function effectively.

Group participants will also receive the Mentegram App to enables them to complete regular questionnaires about their feelings between sessions, either using the app on their smartphone or by email. This will enable the treating team to regularly monitor participants between sessions.


The Dvir Institute for Behavioral Health in Jerusalem is run by Dr. Shmuel Harris MD, Director of the Psychiatric Clinical Service at Hadassah University Hospital on Mount Scopus. It offers gender-separate therapy groups.


COURSE BEGINS: Monday July 17th in our Jerusalem clinic (located opposite First Station)

Course dates are subject to confirmation, and separate groups for men and women will run subject to sufficient demand.

FEE: Comprehensive intake interview is 500 NIS. The cost for the course is 6,500 NIS for 36 hours of group therapy (approx. 180 NIS/hr), including all course materials and access to the Mentegram App.

For more information and registration:

  Website    FB

  16 Derech Beit Lechem Bak'a Jerusalem 


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