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| Here's what you need to know about Israel's new housing raffle

Zev Stub    
Monday, 19 June 4:08 PM

From Living Financially Smarter in Israel

Updated. 11:20 am Friday.  

If you don't yet own an apartment you might have the right to enter the government raffle for new apartments at a significant discount, with better mortgage terms. Kachlon is making some announcement about it today, 15,000 apartments to be in the next raffle! CHECK it out! And check back here - I will post more details. 
More details part 1: 
First step is to issue a Teudat Zakaut a certificate of eligibility. 
Eligible people for this plan are: 
- couples (meaning married or signed on some form)
- families 
- singles/widows over 35
- divorcees with out children over 35 who are divorced more than 10 years.

You can apply for the Teuda online via the link. If you have a file with Misrad Hashikun -housing ministry, most Olim do have a file with them as they got rent subsidy, then you will be called in for a meeting with Misrad Hashikum to complete the process. ASK the what to bring along with you!!! The fee for a Teudat Zakaut is 240 NIS. 
The three companies are: 
Alonim *2850 
Milgam *6078
Amidar *6266
If you have to go in, check which one has an office near you.

First step is for those who qualify to request a Teudat Zakaut here:


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