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| TORAH L'MAASEH: Learning Through Experience!

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 18 October 1:16 PM
Introducing Torah L'Maaseh-- a new and unique yeshivah program for English-speakers with a 360-degree approach starting this September in Jerusalem, where students acquire hands-on, do-it-yourself, experiential, “how-to” Torah skills in Israel.

Torah L'Maaseh is all about making Torah relevant to everyday living in Israel. Our students put their study into practice and translate their theoretical knowledge into action while being immersed in a real Israel experience; from tying their own tzitzit, to harvesting the arba'a minim, observing new moons, baking matzot, acquiring Hebrew-language skills, actively integrating into Israeli society and culture, and much more. 

Our Torah study tracks are customized to each student’s unique interests and capabilities in a warm, supportive, one-on-one atmosphere, while students also join in the classes and activities within Yeshivat Ramot, a Hesder-optional yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Torah L’Maaseh is now accepting applications for this coming September. Men ages 18-25 are welcome to apply. Gap-year students, shana-bet students, potential olim, new olim, children of olim, lone soldiers, college students on leave, and college graduates, are all welcome.
For more information, visit the website:
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