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Zev Stub    
Friday, 11 August 9:06 AM
One of my favorite people in Israel is Yishai Fleisher, radio show host, activist, writer, and international spokesman for the Jewish community in Hevron. I've been impressed with Yishai ever since he and I learned at Yeshiva University together; he founded his pro-aliya organization Kumah on campus around the same time I was publishing a small Israel newsletter for the student body. Ever since then, its been a pleasure to watch Yishai lead, energize, and inspire indivduals and communities everywhere in Israel and around the world. 

Yishai's weekly podcast is a fixture of my Friday morning routine. Its a great mix of torah, fun, news, politics, and regular Israeli life. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, but The Yishai Fleisher Show is the only one that has a fixed place and time that I enjoy it every week. 

Below is this week's episode. You can subscribe to the show on itunes or whatever podcast player you use. 
On Twitter: @YishaiFleisher
Yishai on Facebook
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