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| New! The world's first Jewish Fidget Spinner!

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 29 August 4:55 PM

It's the world's first Jewish Fidget Spinner, and the world's first Dreidel that can be played both in Israel and abroad. 

The universal design of the Fidget Dreidel unifies the Jewish people throughout the world by having one side representing the phrase "a great miracle happened there," (.נ.ג.ה.ש) while the reverse side representing "a great miracle happened here." (.נ.ג.ה.פ) These Chanukah Spinners are molded out of a durable, flexible, non-toxic silicone for fun and safe play of kids age 3 and up. Free gift box and Free shipping on every order.

Order yours at Fidget

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