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| THE BIG LIST: What to do on Chol HaMoed in Jerusalem

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 08 October 6:04 AM

Sukkot starts Wednesday night Oct. 4 and ends with Simchat Torah Oct. 12. Sukkot, the festival of happiness, is always one of the best times of the year in Israel, with tons of great events going on. Here's a roundup of what's on around Jerusalem. We'll update the list as we get closer. 

Stay updated on events year round with our Facebook page Jerusalem's Best Events, updated many times every day.  

Two resources we recommend: Fun in Jerusalem's fantastic Family Guide for Sukkot, and Beteavone's list of kosher restaurants with a sukkah. Also, make sure to check out  for kosher restaurant coupons and vouchers at the best places around the country. 

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Traffic arrangements in Jerusalem: Hol Hamoed Sukkot, 5778 

The Jerusalem Municipality's list of local Sukkot events

FREE events for Sukkot!! 

Sukkot in Jerusalem 2017 Events - iTravelJerusalem 

Free Sukkot Tours In Jerusalem City Hall 

Succot at the Tower of David


Sunday, October 8

Birkat Cohanim at the Kotel‎ - Shaharit at 8:45AM, First bracha 9:30, second bracha 10:30

‎Derech Beit Lechem Street Festival 

Open House Art Exhibit - Oct 8 &10 - Special Sukkot Prices (Tzur Hadassah) 

Sukkot tour

5:30PM Chol Hamoed Sukkot 2017 Old City Rooftop Shlomo Katz Concert- 50 Seats Only 

8PM: Single Jewish Male - Premier Film Screening Event (Old City) 

Ohad & Benny Friedman Concert Benefiting SULAM 

7:15PM Hummus the Movie! Sukkot Screening & Guest Speaker Jamie Geller

Jerusalem 360 degree theater Festival Oct 8-10

Lior Suchard, Master Mentalist LIVE in Jerusalem 

Sukkot at the YMCA 

Art of Friendship Gala & Auction (Emek Refaim) 

Meter by Meter music festival 

Picnic in Sacher Park - concert, snacks, relationship & laughing 

‎מסיבת ריקודי כלייזמר עם תזמורת הכלייזמר הישראלית‎ 


Monday, October 9 

The 20th Moshav Fair in Mevo Modiin

Ein Karem Festival

Jerusalem 360 degree theater Festival Oct 8-10 

Baseball skills clinic and Chol Hamoed family fun day (Baka) 

Yonina in the Sukkah

President Reuven Rivlin holds an open house on Monday, October 9. The public is invited. Arrive early. 

Concert "United to Save Lives" - Avraham Fried & Family 

JLM vs TLV Stand-Up Battle 

Performance Saluting the Jerusalem Boys’ Choir (Pirchei Yerushalayim)

An Ushpizin Celebration at Kol HaOt! (Mishkenot Sha'ananim) 

7PM: Book Launch: Hello, Refugees! and The Lies They Tell (Jerusalem) 

8PM Friendly Fire: Battle of Broadway Hits at AACI! 

15th Sukkah Kenes (German Colony)

Nefesh B'Nefesh Family Sukkot Tiyul at Ein Yael 


Tuesday, October 10 

Special Sukkot Comedy Night With ELON GOLD October 10 

The Jerusalem March Traffic arrangements for the Jerusalem March

The solomon brothers sukkot show at Nocturno Live! 

Open House Art Exhibit - Oct 8 &10 - Special Sukkot Prices (Tzur Hadassah) 

Jerusalem Yoga Day

National Health Day 


Jerusalem 360 degree theater Festival Oct 8-10 

The traditional Klezmer Parade‎ 

Black Humor | Popthodox Opening Event 

‎חגיגת האקורדיאונים הגדולה בישראל‎

Israeli Guest Night | Feast of Tabernacles 

‎ליל לימוד הושענא רבא על משנת מניטו עם הרב שרקי ומגוון שיעורי Ted‎ 

Hoshana Rabba at Beit Avi Chai 

Hoshana Rabba at the Begin Center 



Sukkot Walking Tours 2017 

Breads of the Beit HaMikdash

The 32nd Kite-Flying Festival October 8-10 at the Israel Museum

Sukkot Techelet Marine Tours and Factory Visits 

Sukkot 2017 Creativity Workshops for everyone with Open Studio

Sukkot concerts at Mike's Place 

Sukkot at the Botanical Gardens (Nayot) 

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