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| Reliable regular housekeeper wanted!

Nina     German colony
Tuesday, 14 November 8:42 PM
I’m looking for someone who can keep my house organized and clean. I’m flexible as to What that means and for the right person will try to work with your schedule. I was thinking it might mean three days a week for cleaning and may be a couple more times in the week if possible just to keep things tidy for like an hour or so. Like I said I’m open what I really need is someone who will get my house clean and organized and keep it that way. I’m also looking for someone for after school help with the children. This would include doing homework with them being engaged with them reading with them and perhaps preparing dinner or getting ready for bed. If you have the skills for both then please let me know. Otherwise I would look for two separate people. For the housekeeping it would be best if it’s during the day while the children are at school so that the house is organized when they come home. In your response to me please give me just a little bit of information about who you are so that you don’t feel like such a stranger. Don’t just send me your phone number please let me know a little bit about who you are or what your experiences or just anything so I can get a sense that you are a trustworthy person.
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