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| Hanukkah in Jerusalem with The Train Theater | Quality and discounted performances for Children

Zev Stub     Jerusalem
Sunday, 10 December 9:47 AM
14-20 December 2017, Kislev 26-30


This Hanukkah, the Train Theater in Jerusalem will perform some of its best productions at its house Theater. As a part of "Hanukah Gelt" offer, tickets will be between 20 to 45 Shekels. Purchase here Tickets to the main event, the musical show "Grandpa Aaron and His Rain" based on the book by Meir Shalev.


The Train Theater is an artistic repertoire puppet theater for children, which promotes freedom of creation, innovation, and excellence of professional artists. The theater is unique in the world of children's theater in Israel and a leader in its field.

Full Show Schedule

Click on the name of the show for more details:

Tuesday, 12.12, Hanukkah Eve at 17:00 |"The Chelem Legend - Fool Moon" | ages 4-9| click here to purchase tickets


Thursday, 14.12, Hanukkah at 17:00 | Why Did the Fish Cry? | ages 3-7| click here to purchase tickets  


Friday, 15.12, Hanukkah at 11:00 | The Lost Crown | ages 3-5| click here to purchase tickets  


Saturday, 16.12, Hanukkah at 11:00 | Tailor Made | ages 4-8| click here to purchase tickets 


Sunday, 17.12, Hanukkah at 11:00 | Grandpa Aaron and His Rain | ages 4-10 | click here to purchase tickets  


Monday, 18.12, Hanukkah at 11:00 | Night Journey | ages 4-8 | click here to purchase tickets 


Monday, 18.12, Hanukkah at 16:30 | The Elephant and The Hanukkah Miracle | ages 2-4 | click here to purchase tickets  


Tuesday, 19.12, Hanukkah at 11:00 | Pirate in the Bath Miracle | ages 4-8 | click here to purchase tickets  


Wednesday, 18.12, Hanukkah at 11:00 | Three Pandas and Goldilocks  | ages 2-7 | click here to purchase tickets  



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