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Sunday, 07 January 1:47 PM
My name is Chana Gila. I have a dog named "U". He is very well trained,
very loving, listens to commands, knows how to walk free and come back
when called, he does not bark often only when seriously threatened or on
a random situations he tries not to bark so as followed I punish him
when he does not listen he has all his shots and he's tagged in the
government he is house trained he will only go in the backyard he will
wait up to 18 hours to go to the bathroom if need be he needs to be
walked twice a day no more for 15 minutes each.

I am drafting soon to the Army and don't have a place to put him. I
don't want to put them in a shelter because we all know that those are
not the best places for a dog to stay for 2 years. Of course after my
two years in the army or up I might decide to prolong my time in the
army but the time that you spend with my dog will be up of course I will
make a schedule so you can still have partial ownership over the dog if
you want by dividing the times that I spend with him and that you spend
with him I draft in a few months so if anyone can help me out or point
me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

thank you
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