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Summer Ulpan for kids Summer Ulpan for kids
David   Thursday,18 May 1:48 PM | Advice?
Hi everybody,     We made Aliyah 6 months ago. My 11 years old boy still learning hebrew but his hebrew is not enough to socialize or
Potato snacks on the street? Potato snacks on the street?
Mae Goedsche   Tuesday,16 May 4:45 PM | Advice?
On youtube there were pics of a wonderful device to skewer and then slice potatoes- after which the skewer gets dipped into any one of a number of delicious sau
English Speaking Hairdresser English Speaking Hairdresser
Annette Aharon   Monday,15 May 11:17 AM | Advice?
I am looking for an English speaking (Mother tongue) Hairdresser in Tel-Aviv or Modiin.  I have yet to find anyone that is good, so any recommendat
life-coach life-coach
Shelly   Saturday,13 May 8:32 PM | Advice?
Hi folks, Are you looking for a bilingual (American/Israeli) therapist/life coach?! If the answer is YES. You are invited to contact Dr. Shelly Bakst, Ph
How can I study for the jet ski license in English? How can I study for the jet ski license in English?
batya   Monday,08 May 3:29 PM | Advice?
Hi there, I don't read Hebrew, but I'd like to get my jet ski license here in Israel. I was told that the test is in English but the materials are i
Renting a skipper/sailboat for a family outing Renting a skipper/sailboat for a family outing
Lynne Weinstein   Monday,08 May 2:03 PM | Advice?
can anyone recommend a good company for a morning family sailing experience?   thx! 
Best Home Renovation Store Best Home Renovation Store
Paul   Sunday,07 May 3:58 PM | Advice?
Seeking advice as to the best home renovation store options in terms of value and selection in the TLV area.  Thank you in advance for any assistance
Jerusalem, mercaz

On the Move Moving Services

seeking living and wotking seeking living and wotking
SHARON MEZAMER-TOV   Saturday,06 May 8:34 PM | Advice?
Hi Am looking help and advise. I have lived in Israel for many years cannot afford rent a anymore. I am looking live and work on kibbutz anywhere in
Did you ever convert a regular door to a sliding door? Did you ever convert a regular door to a sliding door?
Bracha   Thursday,20 April 8:18 PM | Advice?
Interior door not working out. Did you ever convert one to a sliding door?
question question
ulrich.hotsch   Sunday,02 April 9:26 AM | Advice?
Hello, I will stay for some weeks in Israel and I need for my health sauerkrautjuice.Do you have this juice in your shops in Tel Aviv?  Best regr
Lamaze teacher? Lamaze teacher?   Wednesday,29 March 7:32 PM | Advice?
Looking for a Lamaze teacher for a pregnant friend. Can be in central Tel Aviv or Sharon area. Thanks Lorraine 
Where to buy colorful thick material to make curtains? Where to buy colorful thick material to make curtains?
Bracha   Wednesday,29 March 1:27 PM | Advice?
Looking for something that is really colorful and looks like it's from an oriental country. Willing to travel. Thanks

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