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Poetry Competition
Zev Stub Sunday,17 July 11:51 AM Info4u
The Voices Israel Group of Poets in English announces the 27th annual Reuben Rose Poetry Competition Submission Period Entries must be received no earli
CompuTip - Apple Quicktime?  Uninstall it.  NOW. CompuTip - Apple Quicktime? Uninstall it. NOW.
Ami Raz Sunday,17 July 8:32 AM Info4u
Many, if not most, Windows users have installed Apple Quicktime, at some point or other, in order to play video and music clips.  The US government US-CERT
CompuTip - Freebies CompuTip - Freebies
Ami Raz Friday,15 July 4:37 PM Info4u
Everyone likes free.  Here are a few offers I’ve located:   Easy Audio Mixer  is a multi track editor audio designed for beginners. Make
Video & Audio Production ONLY 500₪ Video & Audio Production ONLY 500₪
GlassHat Media Friday,15 July 12:33 AM Info4u
GlassHat Media & Sonic Itch Productions are proud to announce the very first 1 Hour Live Session Challenge Event! We understand as musicians that the most
Free wine tastings every Friday at Kos Shel Bracha Free wine tastings every Friday at Kos Shel Bracha
Zev Stub Thursday,14 July 11:54 AM Info4u
Our friend Evyatar, owner of the Kos Shel Bracha wine shop in Katamon, asked us to remind everyone that they offer free wine tastings every Friday morning. Ju
info4u: Learn Hebrew with Jokes and Riddles
Jacob Richman Tuesday,12 July 2:19 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! I have a website called: Learn Hebrew with Jokes and Riddles Each joke is displayed in Hebrew with Nikud, and there i
CompuTip - Asus vs Dell vs Lenovo CompuTip - Asus vs Dell vs Lenovo
Ami Raz Tuesday,12 July 12:06 PM Info4u
Are you looking for a new laptop?  More than 6000 models are sold in Israel.  You may want to narrow down the list by manufacturer, but who’s be
CellTip - Reduce Phone Radiation CellTip - Reduce Phone Radiation
Ami Raz Monday,11 July 7:09 AM Info4u
According to CNN, a recent study found that high-dose exposure to cell phone radiation increased brain tumors in male rats.  While results are not yet conc
FALL PREVENTION Consultation and Classes
Andy Haas Sunday,10 July 11:28 PM Info4u
Improve your balance! Increase your independence!   For private consultation or To form a series of group classes Call Tuvi
CompuTip - What does Google know about you? CompuTip - What does Google know about you?
Ami Raz Friday,08 July 10:32 AM Info4u
To find out what places Google knows you’ve gone to, what ads the company shows you and why, what exactly you’ve given permission to, and do a Faceb
CompuTip - Antivirus for Android CompuTip - Antivirus for Android
Ami Raz Thursday,07 July 6:47 AM Info4u
If you have an Android cellphone or tablet, you should have an antivirus installed.  To be more accurate, you actually need an anti-malware program which i
Kosher Gourmet Classic Neapolitan Cuisine tLessons/Party in your home
Wednesday,06 July 11:13 AM Info4u
The authentic Neapolitan chef, the real Luciano (before divorce's שוד מזוין)  of Mevo Modiin, AKA the Piz
  CompuTip - NoType Hebrew Internet Search CompuTip - NoType Hebrew Internet Search
Ami Raz Wednesday,06 July 6:43 AM Info4u
Is your Hebrew good, but your Hebrew typing not-so-good?You can search by dictating in Hebrew. You need to use Chrome, make sure that it's
info4u: Learn 52 Hebrew "Best Wishes"
Jacob Richman Tuesday,05 July 10:20 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! Do you know how to say in Hebrew: all the best, be healthy, be strong and courageous, best wishes, bless you, congratulations, good luck, good lu
INFO4U Buying a used cell phone in Israel
janglo member Tuesday,05 July 6:29 PM Info4u
I bought a used cell phone on Ebay recently, and I got it the next day! I simply did an ebay search for Cell phones for sale in Israel on ebay.
Reaching Out to Terror Victims
Stephen Flatow Tuesday,05 July 6:20 PM Info4u
Were you, or a loved one, harmed in a terrorist attack? I'm seeking to contact American citizens who were injured in Palestinian attacks (including stonings),
Unique Yurt Vacation in the Golan Heights Unique Yurt Vacation in the Golan Heights Tuesday,05 July 9:48 AM Info4u
Are you looking for a different kind of vacation in the Golan Heights? Come and stay in our wonderful yurt "tzimmer" in the religious moshav No
INFO4U: Top 10 Reasons To Visit Maale Adumim
Joanna Shebson Tuesday,05 July 8:19 AM Info4u
My favorite reason is the Halva Factory Tour...what is yours? 1. Stay cool on those hot summer days by coming on a Fun Factory Tour (Halva, Custo
CompuTip - Declutter your Desktop CompuTip - Declutter your Desktop
Ami Raz Tuesday,05 July 6:16 AM Info4u
Do you have a bunch of icons next to your digital clock that are cluttering up your screen?  Is your antivirus program one of the “hidden icons&rdquo
CompuTip - Setting Things Right CompuTip - Setting Things Right
Ami Raz Monday,04 July 7:27 PM Info4u
Today I counted 11 items for sale in the Daily Janglo Digest that were accompanied by pictures  “on the side” or completely upside down. 

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