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Info4u FREE Class Tomorrow-Jewish Positive Thinking
Posted by jolie Wednesday,13 May 2015 2:51 AM
Info4u Computer Jobs in Israel (CJI) Report - May 12, 2015
Posted by Jacob Richman Tuesday,12 May 2015 5:09 PM
Hi Everyone! I just published the Computer Jobs in Israel Report for May 12, 2015. The report with 12 companies and 45 positions is online at: Computer Jobs
Info4u What do Parents think of Nefesh Hatalmid Boys High School?
Posted by Yehoshua Monday,11 May 2015 8:43 PM
These quotes were made by parents after attending the first parent teacher conference of Nefesh Hatlamid,  
Info4u Minyan for Kaddish
Posted by Monday,11 May 2015 5:17 PM
Do you need help making a minyan to say KADDISH for a loved one?  Do you have Yahrzeit coming up - but not enough men to make a minyan at the cemete
Info4u Teen Apprenticeship Summer Program NIS 1900
Posted by louise lallouz (Beit Shemesh ) Monday,11 May 2015 4:40 PM
Crossroads Communities presents: Teen Apprenticeship Summer Program in Beit Shemesh The Crossroads apprenticeship summer program is a communit
Info4u Teen Camp for Beit Shemesh/Modiin and Jerusalem NIS 1500
Posted by louise lallouz ( Beit Shemesh/Modiin & Jerusalem) Monday,11 May 2015 4:40 PM
 Crossroads Summer Experience-CAMP Adventure and excitement for ages 12-14 Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays Times: 12:30pm-4:30pm
Info4u Another FREE Class-Chaya Hinda Allen's Jewish Positive Thinking
Posted by Jolie Brody Monday,11 May 2015 6:48 AM
Join the many women who have already enrolled in the N​ewest Jewish Positive Thinking Teleconference. The new Series begins Monday, May11th R
Info4u Educational Resources for Jerusalem Day - May 17, 2015
Posted by Jacob Richman Sunday,10 May 2015 4:42 PM
Hi Everyone! Jerusalem Day is celebrated on the 28th of the Hebrew month of Iyar. This year (5775 / 2015) the day falls on Sunday, May 17. The Jewish Trivi
Info4u Emotional Eating
Posted by FreedomFood Mifgashim Sunday,10 May 2015 4:18 AM
Lots of people turn to food for comfort. How do you know if your eating habits — or even your thought patterns about food â€&r
Courses in Woodworking and Glass Blowing Info4u Courses in Woodworking and Glass Blowing
Posted by Gabriel Bass (Moshav Mata) Sunday,10 May 2015 1:02 AM
Jewish Artist Center is offering classes and workshops, individually formatted to suit the needs and abilities of each student.  Register now for pr
Info4u Ballet Summer Courses/Keitana
Posted by Tal Aviran Saturday,09 May 2015 3:47 PM
  The Jerusalem Dance Arts Center, a non-profit organization, offers the following summer courses during summer vacation 2015:     &n
Jerusalem Summer Camps Guide Info4u Jerusalem Summer Camps Guide
Posted by Joanna Shebson Wednesday,06 May 2015 1:35 PM
Find the right camp for your child in Jerusalem in the "Fun In Jerusalem" Summer Camps Guide...Art Camps, Sports Camps, Tech Camps, Nature Camp
Info4u In Honor of Shavuos - Cheese Making Workshops
Posted by Dovid Wheeler Monday,04 May 2015 3:02 PM
I am wanting to help everybody have this Shavous be something very special, and what better way is there than having a dairy meal made with your own Mozzarell
Fundraising for Nonprofits/Amutot in Israel Info4u Fundraising for Nonprofits/Amutot in Israel
Posted by Matthew Katz Monday,04 May 2015 12:09 PM
New correction to the Bituach Leumi law Info4u New correction to the Bituach Leumi law
Posted by Moshe Egel-Tal Monday,04 May 2015 10:44 AM
  Effective Jan 1, 2015  

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