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The Open Studio's Fall Chugim in Art Science English and Creativity
Avigayle Adler Sunday,11 September 2:12 PM Info4u
The Open Studio is all settled into our new location on HaPalmach in Katamon and we are pleased to announce our Chugim for the 2016-7 school year. ​
ALEH Boutique Summer Sale! Great Gift Ideas and a Mitzvah too!! Sunday,11 September 12:24 PM Info4u
10% off all products plus FREE SHIPPING! See all the products available to order, hand-crafted by the disabled children
CompuTip - Short Guide to Computer Tune-ups CompuTip - Short Guide to Computer Tune-ups
Ami Raz Sunday,11 September 8:25 AM Info4u
Computers, like cars, need periodic tune-ups. I recommend doing a computer tune-up every 6-12 months.  Here are some of the  tasks I perform as part o
CellphoneTip - Who's Calling? CellphoneTip - Who's Calling?
Ami Raz Friday,09 September 5:50 AM Info4u
Good question.  TrueCaller identifies unknown callers, not on your contact list.  This free app is available for Android as well as for Iphone devices
CompuTip - Help Cure ZIKA, Malaria and AIDS CompuTip - Help Cure ZIKA, Malaria and AIDS
Ami Raz Thursday,08 September 11:24 AM Info4u
. Put your computer to work.  I just joined the ZIKA research project sponsored by IBM.  My computer does scientific research whenever it isn't in
GET READY FOR THE CHAGIM! 40 Days of Inspiration with Machon Meir GET READY FOR THE CHAGIM! 40 Days of Inspiration with Machon Meir
Zev Stub Wednesday,07 September 4:35 PM Info4u
The spiritual process of the 40 Days leading up to Yom Kippur is a time for introspection and personal growth. 40 Days of Inspiration is an immersive program,
CompuTip - The News - On Demand CompuTip - The News - On Demand
Ami Raz Wednesday,07 September 2:09 PM Info4u
Did you miss the news?  Are you abroad and would like to hear or see the news from Israel?  Was there an item on the 11 AM news that you want to hear
Travel :Pain Free" It's Possible to Get to Your Destination w/o Pain
Tova Goldfine Wednesday,07 September 12:58 PM Info4u
Travel "Pain Free" ......It's Possible to get to your Destination w/o Pain Whether it is to another city or another country, many people&
info4u: Educational Resources and Cool Videos about Rosh Hashana - The Jewish New Year
Jacob Richman Wednesday,07 September 12:23 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year 5777, begins Sunday night, October 2, 2016. I posted on my website 70 links about Rosh Hashana, ranging from
CompuTip - Free Ebooks for your computer, tablet or smartphone CompuTip - Free Ebooks for your computer, tablet or smartphone
Ami Raz Tuesday,06 September 7:42 AM Info4u
Computers + Books + Free.  Wow!  You can read books for free on your computer or your phone or tablet.  Here is a list of free Kindle &ldquo
INFO4U: New English networking group for women in Gush Etzion-Efrat!
rochshol Tuesday,06 September 7:01 AM Info4u
Nashi Iski women's networking is opening up a new English group in Efrat next week! I have been a member of their Hebrew group in Efrat for two years and I
Great Info about Your Child's BackPack.. Dr Tova Goldfine
tova goldfine Sunday,04 September 8:05 PM Info4u
CompuTip - Search for Songs, Images and Dogs CompuTip - Search for Songs, Images and Dogs
Ami Raz Sunday,04 September 6:08 AM Info4u
.  Search the Internet for songs, pictures, and dogs.  Songs:  Years ago, I heard a song on Galei Tzahal and asked my musician daughter for
Free healthy eating teleconference
Devorah Benarroch Sunday,04 September 4:31 AM Info4u  
Info4u: Simy undergarment closeout is opened tonight 6-8 pm
Yossef Saturday,03 September 10:56 PM Info4u
Hi all after being closed for almost a month due to a family emergency store is fully stocked for all who dont know Simy's closeout sale is a linger
Graphic pictures from shutterstock
raizy (y) Saturday,03 September 10:09 PM Info4u
Hi Are you interested in joining a new shutterstock group that is starting. please let me know asap as space is limited. How many pictures a day y
 CompuTip - FREE Short Guide to Saving Ink CompuTip - FREE Short Guide to Saving Ink
Ami Raz Friday,02 September 6:05 AM Info4u
The attached picture illustrates one of my methods for saving on ink.  Call or email me for my free Short Guide to Saving on Ink.  It gives two method
Keep Using Your U.S. Credit Card - Even If Your Income Is In Shekel !!!
malka rosenthal Thursday,01 September 1:14 PM Info4u
I have found a very inexpensive way for people with Shekel income to be able to pay their c.c. bills in Dollars. The fee is much less than the 1.
CompuTip - Best Free Parental Control Programs CompuTip - Best Free Parental Control Programs
Ami Raz Thursday,01 September 9:39 AM Info4u
You want your children to use the Internet, but you want to protect them from violence, pornography, gambling, downloading malware, etc. etc.  Here are a f
info4u: Free: Learn over 1,500 English words and phrases.
Jacob Richman Wednesday,31 August 1:45 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! Learn English with Audio and Transliterations is a free, on-line, educational resource to learn English

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