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Last days to register for Summer HackerCamp for ages 8-16! Last days to register for Summer HackerCamp for ages 8-16!
Zev Stub Wednesday,29 June 10:26 AM Info4u
Space is extremely limited. Sessions begin this week, so hurry to apply! The Jerusalem HackerCamp (run by The LearningWorks) is part of Google Education,
CompuTip - Want to Hide Your Internet Activities? CompuTip - Want to Hide Your Internet Activities?
Ami Raz Wednesday,29 June 7:16 AM Info4u
Why hide?Here are three “legitimate” reasons that you might want to hide your Internet activities:1.    Check your social media profi
info4u: English - Hebrew "Hiking and Camping" vocabulary
Jacob Richman Tuesday,28 June 8:08 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! Before you plan your next hike or camping trip, prepare yourself with the "Hiking and Camping" vocabulary section of My English Hebrew Dictionar
Advanced Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Training at The Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim Advanced Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Training at The Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim
Zev Stub Tuesday,28 June 3:03 PM Info4u
For more info, see
CompuTip - Ransomware: Free Short Guide CompuTip - Ransomware: Free Short Guide
Ami Raz Tuesday,28 June 11:53 AM Info4u
Ransomware encrypts your files, disabling access to them -- unless you pay a ransom of $200 to $500. It attacks PC computers, smartphones, smart TVs and Macinto
INFO4U: Is the Halacha Based Exclusively on the Talmud Bavli? The Chafetz Chayim Did Not Think So. Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
toratheretzyisrael Tuesday,28 June 4:42 AM Info4u
What did the Chafetz Chaim think about basing halacha on the Talmud Yerushalmi?Hear Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim elaborate in the following video interv
Apples are Third Apples are Third
Ami Raz Monday,27 June 7:43 AM Info4u
Did you know that apples are the third most pesticide-ridden fruit/vegetable in Israel?  Here is a link (in Hebrew) to a report issued by Adam Teva ve-Din
INFO4U: Hebrew Ulpan for Preschoolers!
rochshol Monday,27 June 5:22 AM Info4u
Ulpan for Preschoolers! If your kids are on the way to first grade but their Hebrew is not fluent…When they play in the park they don’t talk to
CompuTip - FreeFax is no More, Free Fax is Here CompuTip - FreeFax is no More, Free Fax is Here
Ami Raz Sunday,26 June 10:02 AM Info4u
The FreeFax website closed down last week.  But you can still send faxes from your computer for free – if you have a Bezeq phone line and an external
INFO4U: When To Eat the Third Meal on Shabbath? Before Mincha or After? Interview with Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
toratheretzyisrael Sunday,26 June 5:09 AM Info4u
What are the time parameters for Seudah Shlishit on Shabbath? Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim explains in the following video interview: h
Dangerous: flying bottles!!
zippy Sunday,26 June 1:05 AM Info4u
A few months ago, my father got knocked down by a Mei Eden water barrel which rolled off a truck because the metal shutters were left open.  I contacte
Amy (Katamon) Friday,24 June 11:04 AM Info4u
Sign up this summer for Women's Yoga in Jerusalem. Yoga Alliance recognition. Alyssa Gross wrote a great article about yoga and space.  https:/
CompuTip - OOOOOPS CompuTip - OOOOOPS
Ami Raz Friday,24 June 4:41 AM Info4u
If you are used to working with a lot of open tabs in your browser, you will probably have experienced an “OOOOOPS” moment:  “Oops! 
CompuTip - Buying a Printer? CompuTip - Buying a Printer?
Ami Raz Thursday,23 June 7:47 AM Info4u
Email me for a FREE Very Short Guide. Among the topics covered:  what is a printer duty cycle, color inkjet vs laser, what is a document feeder and who nee
info4u: 1981 Booklet on Conditions of Employment in Israel for Computer Programmers
Jacob Richman Wednesday,22 June 7:24 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! While cleaning out old boxes of "stuff", I found several old booklets on employment in Israel. The 1981 computer programmer booklet describes th
CompuTip - Play the Google Guitar CompuTip - Play the Google Guitar
Ami Raz Wednesday,22 June 6:29 AM Info4u
 Try clicking here and then typing in "qqttyhg rfedws (without the quotes). DON’T USE your numeric keypad on this site.   The end resu
chana studley Tuesday,21 June 5:18 PM Info4u
“love at first stitch” Come for some summer fun and learn how to design and sew beautiful clothes that fit and look great with an Academy A
Job Search
Chana Levy (All) Tuesday,21 June 10:27 AM Info4u
There is a great service focusing on helping Anglos find employment both within Israeli companies & work from home opportu
INFO4U: CompuTip - Traveling Abroad? What about Insurance?
Ami Raz Tuesday,21 June 10:27 AM Info4u
Where should you get travel insurance?  Kupat Holim? Your credit card company?  Why apply for a platinum card?  What to look out for when buying
Judy Labensohn Monday,20 June 10:13 PM Info4u
Lovely 3.5 room apt. on Zippora in Bak'a; renovated, 3rd floor walk-up, long term from August 1, 2016. Contact

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