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Info4u INFO4U: creative writing workshop starting June 13
Nadia Jacobson Tuesday,07 June 1:44 PM
WriteSpace Jerusalem presents Story FoundationsEveryone has a story to tell … now is the time to write it? with Batnadiv Hakarmi & Nadia Jacobson
Free TV: Say No to YES or Get Cool with HOT Info4u Free TV: Say No to YES or Get Cool with HOT
Ami Raz Tuesday,07 June 7:15 AM
We just said “no” to “YES” and are saving 217 NIS a month.  We began downloading our movies and TV series for free. We're still
Info4u kaytananda- yoga and are day camp!
Naomi Lossin Monday,06 June 11:32 AM
  An exciting opportunity for fun and enrichment!     This summer we will be opening a kaytana (day camp progra
Fast, quality web development starting from $23 per hour Info4u Fast, quality web development starting from $23 per hour
Zev Stub Monday,06 June 10:33 AM
CODINGNINJAS IS A PLACE WHERE CODING GETS DONE Fast, quality development by top coders starting from $23 per hour We're on call
Info4u info4u: Photos of the Jerusalem Flag March
Jacob Richman Monday,06 June 2:10 AM
Hi Everyone! Today, at 17:35 pm, I boarded the Ma'ale Adumim bus 174 to Jerusalem. When the bus driver reached Jerusalem he announced that he will not be stopp
Info4u The Ramat Eshkol Dance Center presents: The Masterpiece! There's Always a Master Plan
Rivka Neumann Sunday,05 June 7:58 PM
Please Note the Time Change!! Show now starting at 4:30PM    
English Tutors’ Course Info4u English Tutors’ Course
Zev Stub Sunday,05 June 1:51 PM
Do you want a second/new career?  Do you want to use your knowledge of English?  Come and study with the experts!    Kibbu
Info4u INFO4U: Great screenwriting workshops starting soon in Jerusalem!
rochshol Sunday,05 June 1:27 PM
Hurry! Early sign-up ends on Wednesday!Great screenwriting workshops starting soon in Jerusalem. Ronnie is great - don't miss them! More info below and on the a
Info4u Early Bird Discount Expires Today - Open Studio summer Arts camps
Avigayle Adler Sunday,05 June 1:26 PM
Expose your children to limitless possibilities, inspiration and motivation, allowing them to imagine and to create their own worlds.
A Yeshiva Built for YOUR son! Info4u A Yeshiva Built for YOUR son!
Ari-Tehila Green Sunday,05 June 11:20 AM
Apparently, it was in him the whole time!" Proper attention. Serious learning. Professional vocational training. Together, we're building gre
Volunteer: Native English speakers Info4u Volunteer: Native English speakers
Lynn Sunday,05 June 8:22 AM
The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem is working on the publication of an important collection of genealogical studies and is lookin
CompuTip? - Short Guide to Cholesterol Info4u CompuTip? - Short Guide to Cholesterol
Ami Raz Sunday,05 June 7:38 AM
 Call or email me if your computer has hardening of the arteries…Actually, I recently researched cholesterol (for people) and wrote up my updated fi
CompuTip - Apple Quicktime?  Uninstall it.  NOW. Info4u CompuTip - Apple Quicktime? Uninstall it. NOW.
Ami Raz Friday,03 June 11:11 AM
Many, if not most, Windows users have installed Apple Quicktime, at some point or other, in order to play video and music clips.  The US government US-CERT
CompuTip:  Your antivirus is NOT enough Info4u CompuTip: Your antivirus is NOT enough
Ami Raz Thursday,02 June 8:50 AM
Is it enough to have an up-to-date antivirus program on your computer? The answer is definitely "NO."  It’s like relying only on the g
Info4u INFO4U: NEW PRE-SHAVUOT VIDEO: Is Seuda Shelishit on Yom Tov Obligatory? Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
toratheretzyisrael Thursday,02 June 7:14 AM
Must one eat seudah shlishit on Jewish holidays? Hear Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim explain in the following video interview:

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