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NEW MUSIC: Netanel Israel | Osher Kaze Info4u:NEW MUSIC: Netanel Israel | Osher Kaze
Posted by Zev Stub Friday,29 August 2014 12:23 PM
He has been singing and performing since the young age of 14, and has already released an album and several singles. He even managed

Info4u:Ladies! Learn 3-D Therapy in English!
Posted by mindy peltz Friday,29 August 2014 12:11 PM
3 Dimensional Therapy is an Israeli development that has been taught in Hebrew for the past eight years or so. This treatment method has become very popular in

Info4u:info4u: My Aliyah 30th Anniversary Video
Posted by Jacob Richman Friday,29 August 2014 12:15 AM
Hi Everyone! On August 30, 1984 I made aliyah from Brooklyn to Israel. It was the best decision of my life. 30 years later, I highly recommend it! My Aliyah

Info4u:INFO4U: New Video for Elul with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim: Reciting Tehilim, e.g. L'Dawid Ori w'Yish'i, in Schul? Quality before Quantity
Posted by toratheretzyisrael Thursday,28 August 2014 2:50 PM
Many of us are now saying LeDawid HASHEM Ori w'Yishi at the end of davening in shul. Is this custom obligatory or desirable? Hear Machon Shilo's Rabbi Davi

West Nile Fever, Illicit Toothpaste and Special Needs Family Leadership Info4u:West Nile Fever, Illicit Toothpaste and Special Needs Family Leadership
Posted by The Shira Pransky Project Thursday,28 August 2014 10:02 AM
Check out the following important information we've been promoting over the last week: 1) West Nile Fever - The Ministry of Health has issued updated

New English Wellness Newsletter Info4u:New English Wellness Newsletter
Posted by Rivkah Adler Thursday,28 August 2014 7:37 AM
Sign up today to receive a free monthly newsletter with brief health and wellness articles and discount coupons for health and wellness vendors in the Jerusalem

Info4u:Info4u: wonderful shoemacher and wheel fixer
Posted by Wednesday,27 August 2014 4:56 PM
hi everyone I would like to tell you about a wonderful shoemaker and we will fix ur he is from the neighborhood I know him very well and he does wonderful wonde

Info4u:Recommended contractor for building projects & renovations
Posted by Juliet Solomon Wednesday,27 August 2014 12:12 PM
A few months ago, someone on Janglo recommended a contractor for a small but complicated project at my apartment. I'd like to very much recommend this contrac

Info4u:Info4u: pregnancy test gemach in neve yacov
Posted by Wednesday,27 August 2014 4:37 AM
Hi we are proud to anounce that we have receive a new shipment of pregnancy test strips price is only 5 nis we are located on otzar hageonim 15/8 the tests,are

Info4u:info4u: New: English - Hebrew "School" Vocabulary Study Sheets
Posted by Jacob Richman Monday,25 August 2014 10:32 PM
Hi Everyone! I created a set of English - Hebrew "School" vocabulary study sheets. The address is: For

Info4u:40-Day Tznius Teleconference Begins Rosh Chodesh Elul
Posted by Future Kallahs Monday,25 August 2014 5:57 AM
The Future Kallahs Tehillim Team invites all women to join us for Cycle 5 of our 40-day learning teleconference group on the topic of 

Info4u:Yismach- Shidduchim
Posted by Yismach Staff Monday,25 August 2014 12:51 AM
Yismach- the foremost shidduch organization for the Anglo-Charedi community! *Endorsed by Rabbi Aharon Feldman shlita &

Info4u:Frequent Flyer Miles tip #1 - Avoiding fees when flying Air Canada
Posted by Reuven Monday,25 August 2014 12:51 AM
This post will discuss how to save money when booking flights with miles on certain airlines. I first give an overview of the issue, and the

Posted by Rafi Dobrin Sunday,24 August 2014 2:59 PM
SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT. In these times when Israel faces a constant, increasingly nasty global public and diplomatic assault on our very legitimacy, we

Info4u:INFO4U: Shma When Davening Alone: Not What You Thought-Video with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
Posted by toratheretzyisrael Friday,22 August 2014 2:51 PM
When one davens alone does one say less than one does in a minyan?

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