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CompuTip - Search for More CompuTip - Search for More
Ami Raz Sunday,24 July 10:17 AM Info4u
Search the Internet for songs, pictures, and dogs.  SongsYears ago, I heard a song on Galei Tzahal and asked my musician daughter for the name of the
CompuTip - Short Guide to Saving Ink CompuTip - Short Guide to Saving Ink
Ami Raz Friday,22 July 1:11 PM Info4u
I put together a free Short Guide to saving on ink.  It shows two methods that I use, as well as a link for laser printer users.  Call or email me for
- Calling all singles and shadchanim - - Calling all singles and shadchanim -
Zev Friday,22 July 7:58 AM Info4u a new, free, frum dating website has now been launched! is the New Rage for Singles and Shadchanim. Bringin
ComputTip:  FREE Short Guide to Computer Translating ComputTip: FREE Short Guide to Computer Translating
Ami Raz Thursday,21 July 4:57 PM Info4u
How do you translate a bill in Hebrew that you can see on the web?   What if the only review of a product you want -- is in Italian?   How d
Tips to consider before you transfer money abroad Tips to consider before you transfer money abroad
Zev Stub Thursday,21 July 1:53 PM Info4u
There’s a lot to think about when transferring funds abroad, although these concerns can be broken down into the following key points:
Are Your Children a Failure if They Donít Grow up to be Doctors or Lawyers? Thursday,21 July 1:15 PM Info4u 
Free TV: Say No to YES or Get Cool with HOT Free TV: Say No to YES or Get Cool with HOT
Ami Raz Wednesday,20 July 4:33 PM Info4u
We just said “no” to “YES” and are saving 217 NIS a month.  We began downloading our movies and TV series for free. We're still
info4u: Welcome Home to the New Olim and photos at the airport
Jacob Richman Tuesday,19 July 9:21 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! Congratulations and welcome home to the 218 new olim that made aliyah to Israel from North America. The NBN aliyah charter flight arrived in Isr
Summer Courses Summer Courses
Michal Hadar Tuesday,19 July 11:19 AM Info4u
During the course of one summer, the University of Haifa International School offers month-long programs for students and adult learners from all over the wor
Hebrew Language Course Hebrew Language Course
Michal Hadar Tuesday,19 July 11:18 AM Info4u
The Intensive Hebrew Summer Ulpan brings students from over 40 countries to the University of Haifa to study Hebrew in one of the most effective language lear
Poetry Competition
Zev Stub Sunday,17 July 11:51 AM Info4u
The Voices Israel Group of Poets in English announces the 27th annual Reuben Rose Poetry Competition Submission Period Entries must be received no earli
CompuTip - Apple Quicktime?  Uninstall it.  NOW. CompuTip - Apple Quicktime? Uninstall it. NOW.
Ami Raz Sunday,17 July 8:32 AM Info4u
Many, if not most, Windows users have installed Apple Quicktime, at some point or other, in order to play video and music clips.  The US government US-CERT
CompuTip - Freebies CompuTip - Freebies
Ami Raz Friday,15 July 4:37 PM Info4u
Everyone likes free.  Here are a few offers I’ve located:   Easy Audio Mixer  is a multi track editor audio designed for beginners. Make
Video & Audio Production ONLY 500₪ Video & Audio Production ONLY 500₪
GlassHat Media Friday,15 July 12:33 AM Info4u
GlassHat Media & Sonic Itch Productions are proud to announce the very first 1 Hour Live Session Challenge Event! We understand as musicians that the most
info4u: Learn Hebrew with Jokes and Riddles
Jacob Richman Tuesday,12 July 2:19 PM Info4u
Hi Everyone! I have a website called: Learn Hebrew with Jokes and Riddles Each joke is displayed in Hebrew with Nikud, and there i

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