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Info4u AMAZING! - Refil your Ravkavat Home
Rivka Tuesday,31 May 6:55 AM
I bought a small device at the tachana mercazit last week. It is called a Mitkan USB. You plug it into your computer at home and you can refill your Rav Kavs at
Info4u Grants for Non Profits (Amutot)
Stuart Saffer Monday,30 May 11:12 PM
If your amutah is looking for funding, take a look at the list of grants currently available at  More information on
Info4u Grants in Medical Program Area
Stuart Saffer Monday,30 May 11:12 PM
If you are looking for new funding sources in the medical area, take a look at these grants opportunities: (For full contact details, contact ISI at 0547
Info4u Funding Arab-Israel dialogue Projects
Stuart Saffer Monday,30 May 11:12 PM
An overseas Jewish Foundation has posted a RFP (Request for Proposals) for projects enhancing dialogue between Arabs and Jews in Israel and interfaith project
Hello, Jerusalem! craft box: Something different this Yom Yerushalayim! Info4u Hello, Jerusalem! craft box: Something different this Yom Yerushalayim!
Yossi Karp Monday,30 May 1:20 PM
  Do something different this Yom Yerushalayim!       Stamp a picture of Jerusalem on your craft bag!  Deco
CompuTip - Upgrade to Windows 10 - Do or Don't Info4u CompuTip - Upgrade to Windows 10 - Do or Don't
Ami Raz Monday,30 May 12:07 PM
Should you update to Windows 10?  Should you think twice?  Windows 10 is the latest and greatest version of Windows.  It came out July, 2015.&nbs
Small Business Coaching Info4u Small Business Coaching
chana studley Monday,30 May 8:25 AM
Do you have a great idea for a home business but no idea where to start ? I have 25 years experience being self employed and running my own successful
Info4u Eary Bird Discount - 7 more days Open Studio Art Camps
Avigayle Adler Monday,30 May 6:51 AM
just a friendly reminder...7 days left to get Early Bird Pricing... Summer Camp 2016 Schedule Save 10%!!! - Early Bird Discount expires June 5th! Watch us
Info4u FALL PREVENTION Consultation and Classes
Andy Haas Sunday,29 May 11:37 PM
Improve your balance! Increase your independence!   For private consultation or To form a series of group classes Call Tuvi
Info4u Professional English Tutoring Program
Fern Levitt (Beit Hakerem) Sunday,29 May 6:01 PM
PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH TUTORING PROGRAM: Training at David Yellin College  Coordinator: Fern Levitt, contact: 050-731-4843,
CellphoneTip - Reduce Radiation Info4u CellphoneTip - Reduce Radiation
Ami Raz Sunday,29 May 12:30 PM
According to CNN, a recent study found that high-dose exposure to cell phone radiation increased brain tumors in male rats.  While results are not yet conc
Info4u Group Piano classes forming--Summer
NA Sunday,29 May 7:25 AM
New at MarkoMusic! Group piano for women ages 20-70! Master classics from famous composers including Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and more! Groups w
Info4u Crash Course in Piano! (for women)
NA Sunday,29 May 7:25 AM
Piano lessons aren't just for kids! Give yourself a great outlet while you exercise your creativity as well as your brain. Maybe you've always wanted lesson
Info4u honey bee removal
Daniel Berkey Thursday,26 May 3:00 PM
d                   If you have honey  bees in your house, and want them removed, don't exterminate. I
Info4u info4u: New: 22 Cool Hebrew Commercials
Jacob Richman Thursday,26 May 2:26 PM
Hi Everyone! I added a new video page to my website called: Cool Hebrew Commercials. I selected 22 videos th

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