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Info4u INFO4U: Camps for TEENS in Jerusalem
Joanna Shebson Wednesday,25 May 4:19 AM
SUMMER DEBATE WORKSHOP FOR TEENSJuly 10-15, 2016 Like to argue? Want to present yourself like a pro? Looking for a challenge? Want to represent Israel all arou
Info4u KeepOlim Upcoming Programs and Events
Zev Stub Tuesday,24 May 9:52 PM
Shalom, KeepOlim is growing we now have over 25,000 members on Facebook. We are also pleased to announce that former MK Rabbi Dov Lipman has joined our team a
Info4u INFO4U: nEW bEN REUVEN VIDEOS Tuesday,24 May 4:55 PM
2 IMPRESSIVE NEW BEN REUVEN YOUTUBE SONG VIDEOS! Don't miss watching the two new and impressive Youtube song videos by Jerusalem singer-songw
CompuTip - Antivirus for Android Info4u CompuTip - Antivirus for Android
Ami Raz Tuesday,24 May 11:19 AM
If you have an Android cellphone or tablet, you should have an antivirus installed.  To be more accurate, you actually need an anti-malware program which i
Keren Gefen - for Fertility Challenged Women- New class at No Cost! Info4u Keren Gefen - for Fertility Challenged Women- New class at No Cost!
karen friedman Monday,23 May 1:06 PM
Keren Gefen ( is a non-profit organization that supports and facilitates Mind Body Fertility projects in Israel. We offer free classes of Fer
Info4u New ADHD Forum Online support group
Levi Yitzchok Albert Monday,23 May 10:20 AM Now we can all share our feeling, offer some personal insight, ask a friend or share a funny A
  CompuTip - NoType Hebrew Internet Search Info4u CompuTip - NoType Hebrew Internet Search
Ami Raz Monday,23 May 8:23 AM
Is your Hebrew good, but your Hebrew typing not-so-good?You can search by dictating in Hebrew. You need to use Chrome, make sure that it's
1 year MBA in English in Israel - NIS 2500 scholarships - Open house May 24 Info4u 1 year MBA in English in Israel - NIS 2500 scholarships - Open house May 24
Zev Stub Sunday,22 May 12:45 PM
CompuTip - Declutter your Desktop Info4u CompuTip - Declutter your Desktop
Ami Raz Sunday,22 May 8:06 AM
Do you have a bunch of icons next to your digital clock that are cluttering up your screen?  Is your antivirus program one of the “hidden icons&rdquo
CompuTip -- Freebies - Something for Everyone Info4u CompuTip -- Freebies - Something for Everyone
Ami Raz Friday,20 May 8:17 AM
 For Windows 10 users:  Get a free 288 page ebook on Windows 10 here.  I tried the ebook and had no problem viewing the book on my PC &ndash
Info4u going to miami this sunday does anyone need things to send?
chava sack Thursday,19 May 4:08 PM
two empty suitcases yakov 0525094841
Info4u INFO4U: New Trump song video Thursday,19 May 10:53 AM
BEN REUVEN'S NEW DONALD TRUMP SONG AND DANCE VIDEO New on Youtube the amazingly catchy Donald Trump Youtube video called Let's Do The Trump w
CompuTip - Foistware Beware Info4u CompuTip - Foistware Beware
Ami Raz Wednesday,18 May 7:18 AM
Foistware is software that is being foisted on us, the users, even though we don’t want it.  I’ve often been asked by clients about the bu
Info4u Fall Prevention for Seniors
Andy Haas Tuesday,17 May 11:55 PM
Fall Prevention for Seniors  Improve your balance and increase your independence with  Tuvia Andy Haas, Certified Fitness Trainer and Licensed Mass
CompuTip - The Post Office Without a Line! Info4u CompuTip - The Post Office Without a Line!
Ami Raz Tuesday,17 May 9:05 AM
Amazing.  Instead of waiting on an endless line at the Post Office, I made an appointment over the Internet --  here.  When I walked into the Eme

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