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luveretz Sunday,15 January 9:51 PM Advice?
I'm looking for Kosher all you can eat Buffet in Jerusalem Sunday,15 January 7:04 PM Advice?
I'm looking for Kosher all you can eat Buffet in Jerusalem. Something with a good hechsher.Real good food.I don't live in Jerusalem, do any hotels or a
Recommendations for kindergarten for 2.5 year -old girl
Mazal Sunday,15 January 4:14 PM Advice?
ADVICE: Posting for a friend Recommendations wanted for a kindergarten for a 2.5 year-old religious Hebrew-speaking girl.   Thanks. 
Help me help other people - free
shoshana Sunday,15 January 2:56 PM Advice?
I am a certified personal trainer with a private practice as a mobility training in Jerusalem.  I teach people how to regain some of their lost mobil
Cardiologist for High Blood Pressure
avi schryber Sunday,15 January 11:59 AM Advice?
I am looking for a recommendation of a cardiologist on Kupat Holim Meuhedet who deals with High Blood Pressure . Also any suggestions about alternative /
Looking for Accountant
Yisrael Harris Sunday,15 January 10:38 AM Advice?
I'm looking for an accountant in Jerusalem. No native Israelis.
Where can I study shaitsu as a hobby, not as a profession
Mazal Saturday,14 January 7:14 PM Advice?
ADVICE Where can I study shaitsu as a hobby, not as a profession? Thanks 
Speach therapist specializing in articulation Friday,13 January 4:15 AM Advice?
Hi I'm looking for a male speach therapist that specializes in articulation (in hebrew and english) Please email me to LANDAU7000@GMAIL.COM 
Wordpress expert
David Schwartz Wednesday,11 January 10:47 PM Advice?
I have a question with a site of mine that I cant seem to figure out,  if anyone knows wordpress well could they please help me?  thank you
Gas technician Wednesday,11 January 12:05 PM Advice?
I have problems with my gas stove top burners, and Amisragaz told me I must hire  a private technician to inspect and check this out.  Any suggestio
Looking for a civil engineer for new construction protocol
David Comins Wednesday,11 January 10:15 AM Advice?
Can anyone recommend a civil engineer? I have bought an apartment of new construction. Before i take possession i need an engineer to walk through and note al
Need place to sleep in Jerusalem for Shabbat
Yitzchak Kerem Wednesday,11 January 5:00 AM Advice?
Family of 5 seeks (2 adults, 3 kids)  place to sleep this shabbat so we can go to Yedidya for Shabbat for a simha. Anything in walking distance for fee o
Kosher electric shavers?
Eliezer Shore Tuesday,10 January 8:48 PM Advice?
Does someone have a list of kosher electric shavers, or can explain how to tell the difference, if the box doesn't say anything? Are there any rabbeim who are
Learn how to Draw at Israel Museum  Learn how to Draw at Israel Museum Tuesday,10 January 1:50 PM Advice?
Come and join professional artist and teacher Leorah Parker at the Israel Museum on Tuesdays for Drawing and learning about art and artists! Time: 4:00 p
Mincha gedola in Rehavia area Tuesday,10 January 3:35 AM Advice?
Does anyone know of a minyan for mincha gedola tomorrow in Rehavia, aTalbia or City Center? Time?  Many thanks.
About bus line from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport
Zvi Lando Monday,09 January 5:58 PM Advice?
Shalom! I was told that there is a new bus line from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport (terminal 3) Can anyone give me any info on the line, from wher
Looking for Jewish dati/mamlachti summer camp for 5-year old Monday,09 January 2:09 PM Advice?
JEWISH DATI MAMLACHTI SUMMER CAMP FOR 5 YEAR OLD Do you know a nice dati summer day camp, for a 5 year old from Europe, for the summer of 2017? The camp
Buying mix master
michal waller Monday,09 January 8:13 AM Advice?
Im buying a mix master for a friend who has come on aliya. Any recommendations?  Is there a big diference between KITCHEN AID and KENWOOD? than
Paying Arnona on my sublet in Jerusalem from abroad
Ruth Vlessing Monday,09 January 5:00 AM Advice?
I am in the USA this year but need to pay Arnona for 2017 on the apartment I sublet in Jerusalem. I have been paying it with a horat keva from my bank br
Does anyone have details of a soccer game for anglo men in Jerusalem?
rivka levy Sunday,08 January 9:27 AM Advice?
Are there any regular 5 a side soccer games happening in Jerusalem for anglo men?  Grateful for any leads!  Please email me at: rivkawrite

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