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12-05-2016 Fwd: In Jerusalem smartphone and tablet repairs Services 3
11-27-2016 Whether you are living in, studying or visiting Jerusalem, SMART REPAIRS Services 10
11-23-2016 Event Shabbat dinner, Fri Nov 25th? Sign-up by 8PM TONIGHT and save 10nis! Events 50
11-22-2016 Event Count the Stars . A NIGHT OUT WITH THE GIRLS! Events 269
11-21-2016 Event for Women Make more money Events 51
11-20-2016 JERUSALEM Shabbat Dinner with the Samuels Family Friday, November 25th in the German Colony For Internationals, Israelis, New Olim & Lone Soldiers ages 20s & 30s Events 62
11-18-2016 Carlebach minyan this Shabbos 8am at the Kotel near Events 39
11-16-2016 Tonight Wed night Yarzeit Events for Rabbi Carlebach Events 68
11-15-2016 LíKAVOD REB SHLOMO!!!!!! ,listing of events taking place over this coming Shabbos weekend in NY and Israel to honor our Rebbe. Events 72
11-15-2016 LíKAVOD REB SHLOMO!Yahrtzeit Events Events 43
11-12-2016 Join Kiryat Moshe as they honour Reb Shlomo this motzei Shabbos Events 146
10-27-2016 Melavah Malka Concert Motzei Shabbat Breishit in the Old City /"the Rova" featuring ZUSHA Outdoors on a private roof over-looking Har HaBayit Events 66
10-25-2016 Jerusalem Shabbat dinner - FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 19:00 For NEW OLIM (2 yrs or less in Israel) ages 20-30s & Lone Soldiers Private home in the German Colony Events 61

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