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Zev Stub
Zev Stub
Zev grew up in Chicago, and made aliya in June 2000, right after he graduated from Yeshiva University. He created Janglo in June 2001 to help fellow olim connect and help each other. Zev now manages the community on a full-time basis. Zev is married and has a prince and a princess.
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10-19-2017 Why Opened an Innovation Center In Tel Aviv News 53
10-19-2017 Check out the new Israeli Travel Tech Map News 107
10-19-2017 New Jerusalem program: Mother Circles - September-November Events 32
10-19-2017 Expanded Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway still jammed six months after expansion News 222
10-19-2017 Fattal opens boutique hotel on Jerusalem's Hanevi'im Street News 61
10-19-2017 DowDuPont hiring in Israel News 60
10-19-2017 Making Aliya With Children Info4u 20
10-18-2017 This week's top events Events 324
10-18-2017 Janglo Weekly: 101 ways to make your life better News 256
10-18-2017 The Jerusalem Ultra Marathon and Trail Race- Friday Oct 27 Events 580
10-18-2017 90+ TOP New Jobs in Israel Oct 18! News 448
10-18-2017 Construction Of Light Rail System Is On Schedule News 626
10-18-2017 Its OUR chag next week: Yom HaAliyah News 295
10-18-2017 Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams expected to return to Israel in 2018 News 127
10-18-2017 You are Invited to Help Pick IDFs 70s Anniversary Logo News 157
10-18-2017 TORAH L'MAASEH: Learning Through Experience! Info4u 1306
10-17-2017 Ikea shelves/ table For Sale 68
10-17-2017 Apply for NBN's Initiative for Zionist Innovation. Deadline Oct 25 Info4u 101
10-17-2017 DID YOU KNOW? You can get an interpreter when speaking with the Jerusalem Iriya News 1032
10-17-2017 THURSDAY! Nissim Black, the Charedi rapper - special performance in English Events 429
10-17-2017 POST CHAG HIRING BLITZ! Account Management and Collection Positions at Trebuchet Jobs 165
10-17-2017 This week's Restaurant and Food Deals online! News 496
10-17-2017 Save BIG with Entertainment deals this week! News 267
10-17-2017 BREAKING: Your Wi-Fi has a security breach - Update Your Devices to Fix It News 1024
10-17-2017 Birthright Israel Fellows is now Accepting Applications for Cohorts 8 and 9 News 250
10-17-2017 Alon Day's very good day: Top spot in European NASCAR race News 96
10-17-2017 Some Favorites of Sukkot in Jerusalem (PICS) News 182
10-16-2017 Digital Content Creator at Masa Israel Jobs 279
10-16-2017 Albert Einstein museum with personal archives to open in Jerusalem News 359
10-16-2017 Brian Blum's Totaled - book signing and launch- Oct 19 Events 135
10-16-2017 When does Israel move back the clocks? October 29 News 578
10-16-2017 What's Coming up at Pardes: Fall Community Education Program, Evening Lectures + Poland Trip Info Events 153
10-16-2017 Israel sends aid to California as deadly fires rage News 139
10-16-2017 Alibaba to open R&D center in Tel Aviv News 126
10-16-2017 The Biggest Jewish-Arab race in Israel - November 10 Events 344
10-16-2017 Archaeologists find new parts of the Western Wall News 862
10-16-2017 Delays worsen at Ben Gurion Airport due to strike News 460
10-16-2017 Netanyahu supports tax cuts for NIS 20,000-30,000 bracket News 149
10-16-2017 Plans for underwater hotel in Eilat drawing controversy News 286
10-16-2017 Here's how Israel is helping combat world hunger News 217
10-16-2017 The Asian Food Market is in Town- Nov 2 Events 28
10-16-2017 Singing Ladino in Bustan Brodi October 30 Events 59
10-16-2017 WeWork Creator Awards, with Balkan Beat Box! October 26 Events 29
10-15-2017 Cohen Movers packing and storage Services 162
10-15-2017 Upcoming business workshops at MATI Events 70
10-15-2017 Leap forward this year with the new Dale Carnegie Courses Events 479
10-15-2017 FIND A TRAINER: Israel's New Way to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You! Info4u 1007
10-15-2017 Win $18k- 36k for your startup. Apply for the WeWork Creator Awards. Deadline: TODAY News 287
10-15-2017 Don't miss the Jerusalem Business Summit Nov. 14. Save 50% with coupon code janglo123! Events 872
10-15-2017 The Shabbat Project returns Oct 27-28. Join a million Jews worldwide keeping shabbat together News 433
10-15-2017 Christians from 100 nations celebrate Sukkot in Israel News 151
10-15-2017 Jerusalem Municipality extends deadline to pay off overdue Arnona debts at discount News 383
10-15-2017 Church sold Jerusalem's Givat Oranim neighborhood in 2012 for $3 million News 694
10-15-2017 Beyond startup nation: Number of Israelis drawn to entrepreneurship growing News 92
10-15-2017 Blues musician Charlie Parr for the first time in Israel | 14.2 Barby Tel-Aviv Events 25
10-15-2017 Dark brown leather Sofa - NEW LOWER PRICE For Sale 619
10-15-2017 This week at Mike's Place Events 88
10-14-2017 This Year, Get Help for ADHD/ ADD Services 1496
10-13-2017 Jerusalem begins work on another Central Bus Station in North Jerusalem News 7939
10-13-2017 New NIS 10,000 grant for students learning in Jerusalem News 1796
10-13-2017 Jerusalem Pool on Emek Refaim to close at the end of the month News 11482
10-13-2017 10 awe-inspiring full-moon hikes in Israel News 587
10-13-2017 Free wine tastings every Friday at Kos Shel Bracha Events 2828
10-12-2017 Festigalgal - Bicycle festival Friday Oct 13 Events 407
10-12-2017 FREE Hakafot Shniyot tonight with Shlomo Katz and Solomon Brothers Events 270
10-11-2017 The Jerusalem Wine Club - Not only for Real Wine Lovers Services 2241
10-11-2017 Restaurant and Takeout Food Deals this Week! News 286
10-11-2017 Vacation deals (In Israel)! News 717
10-11-2017 PICS: These creative sukkot blew me away! News 553
10-11-2017 Israel Offers $15,000 Bonus to Olim Physicians Who Settle Up North News 452
10-11-2017 יונינה- Happy/ושמחת בחגך- Yonina News 363
10-11-2017 Top 5 Actors/Actresses You Didn’t Know Are Israeli News 1934
10-11-2017 Adopt a Saba or Safta and help Holocaust Survivors live life Events 140
10-10-2017 Fun Day Discounts for Sukkot and Beyond! News 933
10-10-2017 Traffic arrangements for the Jerusalem March October 10 News 1427
10-10-2017 VIDEOS: Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was everywhere this week! News 314
10-10-2017 What's the price of postponing your life for one year? News 233
10-10-2017 VIDEO: Cowboys of the Golan Heights News 189
10-10-2017 Special Sukkot Comedy Night With ELON GOLD October 10 Events 895
10-10-2017 Israelis indulge their travel bug in some pretty remote places News 280
10-10-2017 Welcome to Israel's water revolution News 235
10-10-2017 Israel opens highway for autonomous cars News 270
10-09-2017 OPEN HOUSE Tuesday Oct 10 11AM to 12:30- Private house on 14 Shimshon, Baka For sale by agent 877
10-08-2017 Open House Art Exhibit - Oct 8 &10 - Special Sukkot Prices Events 397
10-08-2017 Traffic arrangements in Jerusalem: Hol Hamoed Sukkot, 5778 News 3170
10-08-2017 THE BIG LIST: What to do on Chol HaMoed in Jerusalem News 14314
10-08-2017 Good News From Israel This Week News 396
10-08-2017 Jerusalem's newest luxury hotel opens with a touch of the 'Orient' News 832
10-08-2017 First fully disabled-accessible synagogue built in Jerusalem News 995
10-08-2017 Rabbi Riskin to Retire from Ohr Torah Stone News 382
10-08-2017 Tel Aviv hosts 25,000 visitors in 'world's largest sukkah' News 201
10-08-2017 New Sukkot Music Medley News 215
10-05-2017 Baseball skills clinic and Chol Hamoed family fun day!!- Oct 9 Events 126
10-05-2017 Sukkot at the Botanical Gardens Events 190
10-04-2017 Easy drink needed Wanted 82
10-04-2017 LIST: Restaurants with a Sukkah Info4u 163
10-04-2017 List: The Top Restaurants of Sukkot 2017 News 1069
10-03-2017 Sukkot Celebrations in Jerusalem: Highlights Events 269
10-03-2017 New in Jerusalem: Free Transportation to Givat Shaul Employees Info4u 1248
10-03-2017 Jerusalem cleans up, plants 53,000 new flowers for the Chagim News 481

My Business Listings

Categories Title Hits
Aldo Ice Cream Emek Refaim- Now Mehadrin! 3047
Art Lessons for Individuals and groups 720
Avi Betzalely- Full Auto Services Under One Roof! 429
Avi Pave - Building Supervisor 358
Barak Exterminators 23
Bayit Yaffe - Licensed Building Contractor 116
Boaz Gork - Divorce Lawyer 378
Century Storage 2554 - Israeli Shekel Money Transfers 364
David Bruce - Certified Tax Consultant 1785
Dunya 719
Elite VIP - VIP services, VIP lounge or Private jet 802
Enjoy life, stay healthy, lose weight! 437
Experienced Violin Teacher - European trained 561
Family death? Who will help pack up the memories? 211
Free healing and health information 501
Gav HaHar Movers 10302
Hager - Alperowitz Accountants 387
HaMaftehan, the Jerusalem locksmith 1814
Jacko's Street 675
Japanika 1428
Judith Harpaz - Photographer - Events, Studio 393
Kalo 886
Kos Shel Bracha Wine Shop 949
Look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day! 168
Maalot: Kosher Bistro and Tapas Bar 2192
Make your special event in Jerusalem unforgettable! 308
Michael Berezin Fitness Therapy 4519
Mishaan Levitz Plumbing & Renovations 1862
Mishpachton Randi in Katamon/San Simon 711
Mister Electric 4094
Mortgage and insurance planner 419
Nagila Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurant 1649
New Space Renovating and Design 1053
Nursing and care services at home or in hospital 421
Ofer Hochhauser- Accountant with added value 343
Pain Management and Recovery 1311
Philonof- Garden design, construction, and consulting 392
Pini's Kitchen 1249
PIPS (pizza, pasta and salads) 1332
Raanan Cleaning- Specializing in Couches,Carpets, Polishing 420
Red & White Wine Bar 276
Restorno - furniture and interior restoration 775
Ronit Ben Ami - Interior Decorator 446
Ruthi Heffner- Curtains and blinds, custom-made 487
Shraga 1199
Signon Acher Catering - exclusive catering for all events 796
Toners and Inkjet for all type of printers 438
Torat Hanefesh - Counseling for women 84
Waterproof your home! 41


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