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papermaking studio/sculpture

papermaking studio/sculpture

hand paper making course taught by Esther Cohen on Moshav Aderet near Beit Shemesh.

 I have a professionally equipped studio with a Hollander Beater and  30 ton Hydraulic press.
All aspects of paper making are covered. Recycle old cotton and linen clothing into  high quality paper and artwork. 
Use interesting fibers for two-  and three- dimensional forms. make collages, create your own stationary,
 emboss and's limitless! This is an art form not to missed.

handmade gifts available as well as commissions. personalized art unique art work and stationary.

Contact Esther directly for details: 052-520-1362, or 077-700-2896,


CATEGORIES: Art | Gifts | Job placement


Last updated: 21.5.2014
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Amazing paper artist
Author: Gillian Kay
Date: 2011-06-20 21:43:48
Esther is not only the person to go tyo if you want to learn all about paper-making and create your own orginal work out of paper you make yourself, she is also a great artist. She created a triptych for me in memory of my mother. Esther made paper using fabric that my mother had embroidered as a child and then printed copies of a photograph of me and my mother on this paper in various ways. Everyone who comes into my home comments on how amazing this triptych is. It can be seen here

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