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Jerusalem Art Bindery / Omanut HaCricha

Jerusalem Art Bindery / Omanut HaCricha  

We make beautiful books from some of the finest leathers available. we also have a passion for designing and creating custom projects for you or to give as very special gifts. Desk sets,backgammon sets and chess boards, picture frames and very special boxes for megillas, jewelry or keepsakes are also our specialty. Our pieces are hand tooled in 22 karat genuine gold. Some of the recipiants of our work are Barak Obama, John Mckane, the king of Morrocco, The King of Spain, The Pope. our main clients are organizations giving gifts to donors and individuals wanting a hand made book or object which has not only one of a kind beauty but is also made of heirloom quality. 

see our website dedicated to artistic Jewish bookbinding:

We have a brand new website with lots of products not related to Judaica:


Servicing: Jerusalem

Last updated: 15.7.2013
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