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Homeopathy for Everyone

Homeopathy for Everyone  
Holistic Health with Homeopathy offers a sliding scale fee based on need so that everyone can enjoy this incredible healing alternative. ?

Holistic Health With Homeopathy invites you to experience optimum health using the 200 year old metaphysical principles and practice of Classical Homeopathy. Classical Homeopathy heals both body and spirit so we can live life to its fullest, free of illnesses that interfere with the more important things in life.

It works by energetically stimulating a person’s immune system allowing the mind and body to heal naturally. The professional homeopath evaluates a person’s mental, emotional and physical characteristics, functions and sensations and then matches this energetic pattern to a remedy that has a similar energy pattern.

Conveniently located in the Natural Health Clinic, Rehov Hillel 10, 4th floor, Jerusalem.

For more information, contact Francine Bork Nadav at 054-798-0813 or email

Ask about introductory classes that can teach you to use homeopathic remedies for minor ailments and injuries.


Last updated: 13.10.2014
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