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"WHAT A SABRA KNOWS": Shmulik Cohen provides all the by-your-side support and on-site problem solving that the agencies can't. Save yourself time, effort, frustration and money. 052-652-3446


Last updated: 8.4.2009
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Made My Move to Jerusalem Easy!
Author: Dana Devorah
Date: 2009-04-08 15:13:51
There is no substitute for a native Hebrew speaker and Jerusalemite right by your side as you go to all those meetings, look for places, buy furniture and appliances, meet with the bank and set up internet, etc. Shumlik was there each step of the process. He saved me time and money. No taxis (Shmulik drives you everywhere you need to go), no return visits to offices, a great phone plan, washer and internet installed under his supervision. There was no process or problem, big or small that Shumilk didn't help with. What a Sabra Knows makes moving to Jerusalem as easy as can be!