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BestFone - Excellent Phone Offerings!

BestFone - Excellent Phone Offerings!  
Phone: 02-372-1570
Location: Jerusalem

Categories: Aliya services | Phone/ VoIP/ DSL

1) Do you have free calling to Landlines? (most new mobile plans)
Calling card:Just 1.5cents/minute to USA, Canada, or landlines in the UK.
Or, $8/month for unlimited calling to USA & Canada OR to UK landlines.
Also great rates everywhere in the world including mobiles!
You don't need any pin codes - it automatically knows you by your caller ID.

2) Do you want calls from abroad? Or, if you are making aliyah keep your USA number!
Get your own USA number for $3/month, or a UK number for free.

Then, just 1.5cents/minute to forward to your home phone or 4.9cents/minute to your mobile.
3) Moving back or Visiting the USA, Canada or UK?
Port your bezek line or get an Israel number for $3/month.
Then, it can ring your phone in the USA, Canada, or UK landline for just 1.5cent/minute!

Discount for Janglo users: $5 free with first $15+ purchase.

Areas serviced: Netanya | Ashdod | Ashkelon | Shomron | International | Sharon | Beit Shemesh | Gush Etzion | Modiin | Golan | Galil | Beersheva | Haifa | Tel Aviv/ Mercaz | Jerusalem
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Date: 2012-09-11 20:55:16
Spoke with Avi on the phone. I am not a customer but was impressed that he built the phone programs by himself. A really talented guy and very nice to speak with.
Communications Consultant
Date: 2012-02-12 21:15:01
Avi handles all of our telephone communication needs effectively and quickly, and keeps the cost down. I couldn't recommend him more highly!

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