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band fall- 250 shekel-!! lHigh Quality Sheitels, gently used, cheap!! all colors NIS 500

(Ramat Eshkol) Monday, 23 February 2015 5:05 AM
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  Great sheitels for sale! see some pictures here:
 I have a beautiful red Yaffa- new- wavy and beautiful, $600 obo,
Dark long eauropean hair 26inch long, with bangs, $650 obo
a gorgeous short dark Miri Kapolovitch stunning wig for 1400 nis! 

Belladonna, long and glamorous, barely worn, like new, $500 obo
I also have LOTS of short wigs, from $80-300. Excellent pieces to fit any budget!!  
I have a few dark band falls, ranging from just 250nis-850 nis
I have many more gently used wigs at unbeatable prices- see for pictures!

I sell sheitels on consignment, if you have a wig in great condition that isn't right for you, I can help you sell it and get money to put towards a wig you will love!

   Email me at or call me at 054 848 0226 between 7-9pm


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