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| Festigalgal - Bicycle festival Friday Oct 13

Zev Stub     Jerusalem
Thursday, 12 October 7:19 PM
There's ups and downs in Jerusalem, which can make cycling in our city a challenge. However, the Jerusalem's Bicycle Carnival is back to pump energy into the city! Here's how it's gonna go down:

♚ Colorful Group Ride Through The City♚

Adjust your bike and shake up your reality 'cause it's a party on wheels at "HaMesila" Park! Wear your funniest clothes or costume!

♚ Party At HaMiffal ♚

Reached the end of the track? The perfect celebration is waiting just for you at HaMiffal! The grooviest band Tigris, D.J Amit Eliasi, and Humus Abu-Stark, will be performing! Also, pimp and fix your bicycle with DIY workshops! Make your bike shine, grab a cold one, and just chill out...

♚ Something For The Kids ♚

For the younger generation, it's time to say good-bye to Training Wheels! Free, fun, and easy!


✮ When & Where ✮

Assemble at Gonenim Park, adorn yoself, prepare thyself, shake the rust off your chains and get ready to leave tire tracks along the railway. Your bike is old and rusty? The crew of Derech HaOfanaim bicycle shop will help you get your bike back in shape!

Group ride in HaMesila Park, D.J On Wheels, and HUGE puppets from the Dancing Ram Theater! We will give you some ideas on how to pimp your ride! Here are some ideas to get your wheels turnin':

You've reached the end of your journey, so head straight to HaMiffal! Artists have taken the deserted building and transformed it into a dream house of creativty. Tigris will play the best African-Psychedelic-Groove you've ever heard!


✮ Something For The Kids ✮
♠10am-12am // Gonenim park

>> Training Wheels Fairwell Party
Uriel Aharoni will assist little cyclists in taking off training wheels. Derech HaOfanaim's fantastic crew will help as well. It's all covered! 

>> Bicycle Decoration
DIY Workshop For Kids And Adults. 
Turn your bicycle into a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

✮The festival and organizers take no responsibility for your safety. Your safety and ensuring responsible riding is entirely up to you. ✮However, we recommend bringing a helmet, water and wearing comfortable clothing!
✮Special thank you to the following organizations, without whom this event could not have happened: it cannot have happened: Ofanayim B'Shvil Yerushalayim, Mahapach HaYarok, Kayamuta, Ruach Hadasha, Ginot Ha'ir, Young Neighborhood Gonenim, Israel For Bicycles, Uriel Aharoni, Derech HaOfanaim bicycle store. ✮Additional thank you to Michael Cohen for the lovely graphic design, Gilly Levi for the good advice, and of course Yonatan Plitman, Dotan Brand, and Shalom Isaacson for organization, planning, and initiative!


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