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| Chavruta/mentor

Yisrael Ben Yosef    
Tuesday, 28 November 4:31 PM

Would you like to learn an amud of Gemara each day?

Would you like to learn Gemara so you are a partner in the process and learn how to learn?

  Would you like to make this year the year you do not simply listen to a daf given by others but become a learner?

I can help you achieve those goals.

 You and I can set up a learning schedule tailored to your situation.

We will learn bchavruta allowing you to take the lead.

I will help you to gain competency all the while as we learn daf after daf.

 About me...I have smicha from one of the great Yeshivot in the US and many years experience as an educator.

I will make the learning enjoyable...and relational.

 I hope to hear from you.

  Shana tova


052 388 4845 








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