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| NOW ITS OFFICIAL: No more driving tests for new olim!

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 13 August 4:28 PM

UPDATE: These new regulations are now officially in effect as of August 13. Here's the official announcement

FAQ from NBN

The Transportation Ministry has announced that Olim and returning residents with valid driving licenses for five years will now be able to get Israeli licenses immediately. Until now, even veteran drivers with years of experience are required to take a long and expensive series of driving lessons before they can get an Israeli license. 

The Keep Olim in Israel Movement claimed credit for pushing heavily to get the new regulation approved. Thanks LiAmi and Tzvika!

Also in the new proposed law, licenses will automatically be extended to age 70, instead of requiring renewal every 10 years. After age 70, renewal will be required every 5 years. 

The Transportation Ministry also said it would extend licensing services to more places, including automatic kiosks throughout the country. 

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