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| Israel's new Biblically-Inspired, Bourbon-Style Israeli Whiskey

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 03 January 10:10 AM

 Norm Cohen and Alan Cohl are confident that their new breed of whiskey will echo Israel’s success in making the desert bloom. They are creating Israel’s first distillery for American bourbon-style whiskey, hoping to trailblaze the Israeli market for the spirit — and bring an added level of sophistication to an Israeli cocktail culture that is just starting to take off.

With the whiskey they’re striving to produce, Cohen and Cohl –immigrants from New Jersey and New York, respectively — are confident that their brand, Legends Distillery, will win the hearts and palates of the Jewish state. There is no local competition in their niche, and little consumer experience in Israel when it comes to this kind of alcohol.

Full Story (Algemeiner via JNS)


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