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storage storage
hadassa eisenthal (belz)   Monday,14 August 7:38 AM | Parking/ Storage
i´m looking for a storage on sale please 30 to 40 sqm in belz. no agent. you can e-mail me back on with more d
Indoor secure parking space needed Indoor secure parking space needed ₪650
Gary L (Nachlaot or Rechavia)   Tuesday,01 August 10:05 PM | Parking/ Storage
Looking for a secure indoor parking spot, for a trailer. Flexible on price, clean with one electrical outlet and easy access a must.    &n
Machsan space for rent Machsan space for rent
Ben Goodman (Nachlaot)   Monday,10 July 4:24 PM | Parking/ Storage
We have machsan space available to rent for storage.  Ideal for boxes, bits of furniture and so forth.  Please contact Ben at rabbibengoodman@g
Machsan/Storage For Rent Machsan/Storage For Rent
tsofia (Rechavia/Sha'arei Chessed Nachlaot)   Wednesday,28 June 7:12 PM | Parking/ Storage
Looking to rent out a machsan (storage room). The machsan is cool and dry, with high ceilings and inbuilt shelving on one wall. It is appr

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