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Shipping car when making Aliyah
Stephanie Wednesday,10 August 8:59 PM Advice?
Hi everyone! Is there anyone here who shipped their car when making Aliyah? What was the approximate cost? Any recommendations for reputable shipping com
US citizenship thru Grandparents!
Linda Tadir Friday,29 July 11:46 AM Advice?
After completing N600-K requests for 3 very young grandchildren (whose parents are US citizens but did not live the required 5 years in the USA), we're now work
Ask advice
Eiferman Properties Ltd Thursday,28 July 12:10 PM Advice?
Ask advice: Looking for someone that is an expert with knowledge of the different possibilities and with experience and success  in sending out bulk
Packing Tubes for posters
Bernard Rougerie Sunday,24 July 5:58 PM Advice?
I am looking to buy packing tubes or boxes for very large posters. I am looking for boxes that measure 120 cm long, 15 cm wide, 15 cm high or tubes 120 cm lon
taxes - arnona
shaul gurewicz Sunday,17 July 12:54 PM Advice?
Hi I have 2 tax related questions:  a. Does a 'toshav chozer'  have an exemption to pay arnona for 12 mts? b. Regarding minhalmekarka

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