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Peninei Halakha Available Now in English Peninei Halakha Available Now in English
Yosele Y (Har Bracha, but may be ordered Online) Saturday,23 July 11:05 PM Free
From: חיים מרגוליס <>
madela breast pump
Rochel Fuchs (Ramat Eshkol) Thursday,21 July 5:20 PM Free
works fine but i'm missing the adaptor and a tiny rubber piece that it needs, it might be worth it for you to order those things online. if you want it come get
Men's Clothing
shawn (Jerusalem) Thursday,21 July 7:53 AM Free
I have some used clothing mostly men's pants that are still in good conditions.   If someone wants it or you know of someone please let me know. &nb
Encyclopedia Judaica (Talbieh) Wednesday,20 July 6:10 PM Free
The Moreshet Begin Library is excessing an Encyclopedia Judaica. If you want it please call the librarian at 02-565-2025 to arrange for you to pick up the Enccl
A Fantastic FIVE SEATER Stroller A Fantastic FIVE SEATER Stroller
Zalman Liberman (Hashmonaim) Wednesday,20 July 1:22 PM Free
GIVING AWAY A FANTASTIC 5 SEATER STROLLER We are moving abroad for shlichus, our kids have grown up a bit, and we are ready to part with our *fam
Loving Bengal Kitten Wants to Love You Loving Bengal Kitten Wants to Love You
Pam Gentilcore (Beitar) Wednesday,20 July 1:41 AM Free
My name is Willy and I am a very good listener, so I am the best therapy for anyone, especially for a child. Watch my video and bring me to my forever home.
Seeking toys and other items for a start up Gan/Nursery
Shayna (Rechavia) Tuesday,19 July 1:17 PM Free
I'm stating a new Gan next year for children from baby age until 2 years.  Seeking- bimbas, doll strollers, and a small tikes slide for outdoor area
Free/swap: Motherboard
shmuelw1 Monday,18 July 2:04 PM Free
Giving away a motherboard. Here is a link to it: There is no CPU and the PCIe expansion slots don't work
looking for someone giving away for free video machine multi system (vcr)
geela Gordon (givat mordechai. ,jerusalem) Sunday,17 July 10:17 AM Free
I am looking for someone who has a video machine and no longer needs and that is in excellent condition. the video machine that I am looking for must be
College Text Books FREE
joboffer5758 (Center) Friday,15 July 2:42 PM Free
I have the following to give away   Digital Design C++ Physics Thomas Calculus  Elementary Linear Algebra  
Herbert Edelman Friday,15 July 12:33 AM Free
Whirlpool Clothes Dryer, 6 kilo, in excellent condition.Location: GiloContact:
Yaron (Givat Mordechy) Thursday,14 July 5:39 PM Free
Double oven & stove Sauter, fairly good condition stove work 3 out of 4 upper oven works just fine (dairy) bottom oven (meat) only upper heating works bu
Suzanne Pomeranz (Talpiot/Arnona) Thursday,14 July 5:39 PM Free
GOOD PACKING BOXES TO GIVE AWAY! Most are medium to small with two medium to large. Pick Up on Klausner Street (off Beitar, near Beit Agnon) TON
From sure death, she became a miracle kitten From sure death, she became a miracle kitten
Miriam (Rehavia) Thursday,14 July 6:59 AM Free
“I found a kitten, as small as a sparrow, with bad eyes infection, lying down, unconscious, in the sun, in our vicinity. Tell me, wh
Table - Donation
suzanne.goldstein123 (Jerusalem) Wednesday,13 July 4:52 PM Free
we wish to donate a dining room table  - wood - - approx. 81 cm x 1.60 metres. You can reach   Louis at 054-946-7939  or Suzanne at 0547
Free Weatherstrips for windows
AJ Likt (Ramat Eshkol) Wednesday,13 July 10:30 AM Free
Free: Fix-o-moll "E-profile rubber weatherstrip adhesive for windows and doors"  I have two boxes that are opened, but mostly full.  Please
Sofa set, 1 -2-3 seats, well kept. Sofa set, 1 -2-3 seats, well kept.
Zeev Jonas (Arnona) Monday,11 July 2:45 PM Free
A second hand sofa set, beige, wool cover, can be picked up free. please call zeev  0546 261603 or 02-6715644    
FREE couch with pillows and wooden side table FREE couch with pillows and wooden side table (German colony) Monday,11 July 10:18 AM Free
must go ASAP! 
English school textbooks
Judith Raviv (Beit Hakerem) Wednesday,06 July 11:13 AM Free
Textbooks , some brand new, some used. (ECB, UPP) If you can make good use of them,I'm happy to give them to you. Available for only a few days till I m
English Bagrut Exams
Judith Raviv (Beit Hakerem) Wednesday,06 July 11:13 AM Free
Large collection of English Bagrut Exams Available for a few days till I move Judy 0523 421100

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