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Sybil Kaplan, food writer, cookbook author, creator and leader of Shuk Walks in English in Machaneh Yehudah and journalist and her photographer-husband, have visited these kosher Jerusalem restaurants, met the owners and chefs and bring you their stories.
Restaurant Reviews
Agas V'tapuach: Eccezionale, Magnifico, Superbo
Angelica--A Heavenly Place to Dine
Beit HaKavan- From Train Control Room to Restaurant
Blue Hall Music- Gourmet Food, Unique Ambience
Cafe Eden- A Special Neighborhood Cafe
Cafe Mansfeld- Like a Neighborhood Cafe
Darna - Transported To Another World
Gourmandises- C'est Magnifique
Jacko's Street- Great Gourmet Dining in the Shuk
Japanika: Sugoi, Saikou, Kakkoii*
Kalo: Our Neighborhood Cafe
Kinor BaKikar- Delectable Fine Dining in Music Square
La Boca - Muy Lindo - Nueve
Luciana--Un ottimo ristorante
Luigi's - I Love Italian Food!
Manou Bashouk
Meat & Eat: A Fine Dining, Steak House Experience
Medita--Gourmet Food at Affordable Prices
Nagila: Creative Eating for Vegetarians and Vegans
Nahman--Better Than Before
Piccolino--A Different "Tune" for Anna Ticho
Shraga--Simply Good Basic Dairy Food
Sofia-An Aesthetic Eating Experience
Station 9: Modern Asian Food Inspired by Street Food
Yasas Means Hello
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