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Hatred of Israel is Jew Hatred: It Has Nothing to Do with the Jerusalem Embassy

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MY WORD:Down memory lane with Allenby

Jerusalem went to town commemorating the centennial of Gen. Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby’s entrance into the Holy City on December 11, 1917, marking the end of 400 years of Ottoman rule there.

Aliya stereotypes

None of this should get in the way of the Aliya and Integration Ministry’s central function: ensuring the smoothest possible integration of immigrants into Israel societies – Anglos included.

How Jews and Christians can express their spirituality

Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital And The Prospect Of A Two-State Solution

Why is Abortion so Important to Israelis?

December 11, 1917: The Liberation of Jerusalem

Think About It: Netanyahu’s meeting with the EU foreign ministers

There are many reasons why the relations between Israel and the EU have become charged and uncordial, and why this particular meeting is liable to be especially explosive.

A historic watershed shames Britain and Europe

It is the Jews alone for whom Jerusalem is at the core of their religious faith.

Three Palestinians killed, dozens hurt in clashes with Israeli forces in Gaza, West Bank
Thousands of Palestinians protest Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital (image/jpeg MB )

Palestinian stabs Israeli Border Police officer near Ramallah and is shot dead
Assailant may have been wearing explosive belt ■ Israeli officer sustains moderate injuries (image/jpeg MB )

What is net neutrality? And how does its death affect you?
Federal Communications Commission nixes Obama-era net neutrality rules (image/jpeg MB )

How Alan Gross went from rotting in a Cuban jail to enjoying the good life in Tel Aviv
After spending five years in a Cuban jail when he was falsely accused of being (image/jpeg MB )

Despite Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Pence’s visit to Western Wall expected to be 'private'
For years, American officials have avoided making official visits to the Western Wall, which the (image/jpeg MB )

The jihadist genie released after Trump's Jerusalem decision has yet to be put back in its bottle
Hamas struggles to reign in Salafist groups and doesn’t want to spark a war with (image/jpeg MB )

The anti-Arab activist in charge of communications for Israel’s Burning Man fest
Two weeks ago the organizers of Midburn hired Raphael Maoz, a Lehava field activist, to (image/jpeg MB )

The Israeli governing coalition's near-death experience in the Shabbat wars
As Netanyahu's government was jolted by one shock after another this week, Defense Minister Lieberman (image/jpeg MB )

U.S. fighter jets intercept two Russian planes in Syria, Pentagon says
Russian jet came close enough that a U.S. F-22 had to 'aggressively maneuver to avoid (image/jpeg MB )

Netanyahu questioned at his residence for seventh time over corruption suspicions
Police were expected to confront the prime minister with testimony from Australian billionaire James Packer (image/jpeg MB )

The Reform movement is alive with the sound of music
A thriving recording scene along with packed training programs and strong youth involvement show that melodies strike a major chord in Diaspora Jewry's largest denomination

4 Palestinians, including terrorist stabber, killed in clashes with IDF
A Palestinian wearing an apparent suicide belt who stabbed a soldier and was then shot, dies of his wounds; 2 killed along Gaza border, one in West Bank protests

Erdogan: Muslim nations to seek UN ‘annulment’ of Trump’s Jerusalem move
Any bid to have world body counter decision to recognize holy city as Israel's capital would be blocked at Security Council, non-binding at General Assembly

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to marry on Shavuot eve
Wedding scheduled for May 19 at Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel, a more intimate venue than Westminster Abbey, where William married Kate Middleton in 2011

Liberman: Abbas ‘still alive’ because of Israel-PA security coordination
Defense minister dismisses Palestinian Authority head's threat to end security cooperation over US Jerusalem move, questions his commitment to peace

Israel’s leaders atypically quiet after Abbas asserts their state is invalid
Evidently disinclined to rub salt into wounds after Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital, ministers largely disregard speech in which PA head intimated Jews falsify faith, history

Russia to resume flights to Egypt, halted after 2015 bombing
Kremlin announcement comes two years after IS bomb brought down a Russian airliner over Sinai that killed 224

Right decision. Wrong decider
Was Trump's US Embassy move impulsive, diversionary, or purely political?

Last hurrah for Jewish ?elechw?
How righteous gentiles from a Polish town that was once 65% Jewish saved my family from the Nazis

Iran accuses US of trying to hide own role in Yemen war
Foreign Minister Zarif highlights Washington backing of Saudi airstrikes after US envoy Haley claims missile fired by Yemeni rebels at Riyadh airport was 'made in Iran'

Shabbat Shalom from Israel! Updates continue from N. America
Shabbat about to begin in Israel. Arutz Sheva's North America desk will continue to update the site until Shabbat begins in New York.

An honest man is hard to find
The test of chessed is when the guy's a creep. If I do favors to nice people, that's nice - but it's not the test of chessed.

'Gaza well knows how powerful the IDF is'
MK Ben Reuven says what the IDF does to prevent a war is just as important as efforts to win the war.'

Ramallah terrorist planned to carry out suicide attack
Terrorist stabs IDF soldier near Ramallah, authorities say he planned to carry out suicide attack near Israeli soldiers.

'Green' community center lets participants run the show
At a non-denominational Jewish center in Ferndale, Michigan, Chabad directors step back to allow residents a free hand in deciding programs.

Former haredi MK: Secular Israel should also miss Rav Shteinman
Former haredi MK Dov Lipman says 'all of Israel' owes Rabbi Shteinman a debt of gratitude for his contribution to the IDF.

'Wait, don't go! I'm a Jew!'
Yeshiva students distributing Hanukkah candles awaken dormant memories in a Jewish woman married to a non-Jew.

'She showered me with unconditional love'
Vera Katz, three-term mayor of Portland who escaped the Nazis, dies at 84.

Rabbi Shteinman credited with enlistment of 15,000 soldiers
Founder of the haredi Netzah Yehuda Battalion says Rabbi Shteinman blessed the initiative, valued unity above all else.

With cameras and rocks: Arabs surround Jewish town
Leftist activists bring Arabs shepherds, herds, to surround Jewish town in Jordan Valley, as IDF and police look on and do nothing.

Teva CEO tells Netanyahu of hostile takeover risk
In a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Kare Schultz commits to keeping Teva Israeli.

The change had to be made, Teva's CEO tells "Globes"
Kare Schultz: I'm very sad about the good people around the world who will leave us; we're doing what has to be done to remain a competitive and strong company.

Koch Industries leading $75-150m round in Insightec
The Israeli medical equipment company's financing round is at a company value of $460 million, before money.

Thu: Teva lifts TASE single handedly
As other leading stocks fell, Teva's announcement of its cost-cutting program gave it a huge boost.

Teva announces 14,000 layoffs worldwide
CEO Kare Schultz:Teva will optimize its cost base while ensuring that we protect our revenues and preserve our core capabilities.

US offerings in Tel Aviv a bonanza for underwriters
US companies are paying triple the fees paid by Israeli companies for bond issues.

Zionist Union sets out plan to combat corruption
Zionist Union leader Avi Gabbay: Corruption is a strategic threat to the stability of society;it directly harms every citizen.

Fattal becomes UK's second biggest hotel chain
The Israeli company signed an 800 million agreement with the Swedish Pandox chain to lease and manage 36 hotels in the UK and Ireland.

Over 40% of Amdocs employees are in India
Only 19% of the company's workforce is in Israel.

Blockchain co Colu raises $14.5m from IDB
The Israeli company, which has created a wallet app for digital, localized currencies, has been an active player in blockchain technology since 2014.

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