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Patriot missile fired at drone entering Israeli airspace from Syria

The missile reportedly intercepted a unmanned aerial vehicle that penetrated into Israeli airspace from Syria.

Chief Rabbi Lau proposes significant reform to kashrut supervision system

The most crucial part of Lau’s proposal is a reform whereby kashrut supervisors would no longer be employed by the restaurant or business under supervision.

Editor's Notes: Why we are hosting Sebastian Gorka

The role of a newspaper is not to shy away from tough issues. It is to embrace them.

Column one: Netanyahu’s bold move against Europe

Israel is finally taking a constructive position in its own defense.

Controversial visitors center on Mount of Olives to be fast-tracked

Judge orders release of Temple Mount activists who protested on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Independence Day: Celebrating the process

We now write our own story. But doing so is no simple task.

Le Pen’s toxic vision

France’s Jewish community recognizes the dangers inherent in a victory for Le Pen.

My Word: Figuring out Independence Day beyond the Holocaust

The prime minister needs to pick his battles rather than create new fights.

Know Comment: Letter from a tomato

There is no greater sign of redemption than the agricultural re-blooming of the Land of Israel.

Getting away with murder

Israel should support the US in taking a principled moral stand against the PA ’s intolerable conduct.

Syria confirms Israeli strike hit military compound near Damascus airport
Strike hits depot supplying arms to Hezbollah, source says, hours after several Iranian cargo planes (image/jpeg MB )

As the Palestinian Authority ratchets up pressure on Hamas, Gaza residents fear bearing the brunt
After the Palestinian Authority announced it will stop paying for electricity provided by Israel to (image/jpeg MB )

Israeli public security minister bans E. Jerusalem conference, saying it was organized by Palestinian Authority
Organizers say the conference on the subject of 'Palestine facing Israeli incitement' was sponsored by (image/jpeg MB )

Facebook says it will crack down on government-led 'fake news' campaigns
Describing the U.S. election as a 'case study,' Facebook says it has become a battleground (image/jpeg MB )

Meitav Dash sale to XIO in jeopardy due to approval delays
Investment house warns London-based fund it is in breach of contract in $410 million deal (image/jpeg MB )

Lebanese man nabbed in northern Israel
Man is being questioned by police and army (image/jpeg MB )

Israel's population hits 8.7 million on eve of 69th Independence Day
Jews make up 74.7 percent of the total, while Arabs account for 20.8 percent (image/jpeg MB )

Operator of duty-free stores at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport wins questionable fee discounts
James Richardson won major concessions that some legal experts said were problematic (image/jpeg MB )

Iranian cargo planes land in Damascus hours before 'Israeli strike' on airport
The strike came a day after Defense chief Lieberman said Israel 'will not allow Iranian (image/jpeg MB )

Israel shoots down aircraft that entered airspace from Syria
Interception comes after Syria's official news agency reported that Israel struck a military compound near (image/jpeg MB )

Lebanese man arrested after crossing into northern Israel
Security forces questioning suspect, who reportedly says he wanted to live in the Jewish state

Anti-Semitic poster hung at Kansas State U on Holocaust Remembrance Day
President of school condemns flyer proclaiming that ‘ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege’

Republican congressmen launch new pro-Israel caucus
Aim of Israel Victory Caucus is for Palestinians to acknowledge defeat

US Holocaust envoy urges East Europeans to return Jewish property
Most signatory countries to the 2009 Terezin Declaration vowing to resolve Holocaust-related property claims have failed to follow through

France’s new National Front leader doubted Nazis gassed Jews
Le Pen’s temporary replacement said in 2000 interview it’s ‘impossible’ Zyklon B could have been used on an industrial scale

Ex-‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant arrested for rape
Dance choreographer Yaniv Kakun also suspected of storing naked photos of his underage students on his computer

‘World’s largest’ facility for disabled kids opens in Jerusalem
Shalva organization inaugurates new building with services including accessible preschools, auditorium, hydrotherapy pool, fitness room

UK anti-terror police foil knife attack near Parliament
Security official says suspect was known to law enforcement, believed to have been inspired by Islamic State

Israel’s intelligence minister urges US to team up with Russia against Iran
Yisrael Katz meets with Congress members and Trump envoy to discuss his bid to link Israel and Saudi Arabia by train

Minister fined thousands for calling a woman ‘ugly’
Responding to a comment she left on his Facebook page, Ofir Akunis also said Batya Shefi Gottlieb had a ‘sick opinion’

New center for special needs children opens in Jerusalem
Shalva, which cares for children with specials needs and disabilities, opens new center in Israeli capital.

Israel planning massive building spree in Jerusalem
25,000 housing units planned for capital, including large construction projects in eastern Jerusalem.

Born as a Muslim - but killed as a Jew
Samaria Regional Council to hold memorial for late Irgun fighter Baruch Mizrahi who fell in the War of Independence.

Syria to buy latest Russian anti-missile system
Assad says purchase of system is meant to repel Israeli and American attacks in Syria.

Watch: Patriot missile downs Syrian aircraft over Golan Heights
Israeli Air Force surface-to-air missile shoots down unmanned aircraft which violated Israeli airspace near Syrian border.

Congressman: Trump likely to move embassy during Israel trip
Republican Congressman who headed Jerusalem fact-finding mission says President Trump poised to declare embassy move to Jerusalem.

'Time to end Jewish privilege' on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Anti-Semitic poster calling for end of 'Jewish privilege' hung at Kansas State University on Holocaust Remembrance day

Tel Aviv Great Synagogue closes its doors
President of historic Tel Aviv synagogue closes its doors after municipality seizes synagogue's bank account to cover tax debts.

Saudi man condemned to death for blaspheming founder of Islam
Ahmad al-Shamri, in his 20's, loses two appeals after arrest for blasphemy recorded denouncing Islam founder on social media.

Bennett: Give me the strength to stand up for religious Zionism
Jewish Home leader asks party members to stand by him as party primaries get underway.

Tax experts see Israeli cos migrating to US
The lowering of US corporate tax to 15% is liable to cause a reversal of the trend of recent years.

Treasury to smooth tech investment by Israeli institutions
The minister of finance met yesterday with local high tech and investment institution representatives.

Trump expected to visit Israel May 22
If it takes place, the visit will be part of the US president's first foreign tour.

Thu: TASE falls but posts positive week
Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim both fell substantially today, but for the week the Tel Aviv 35 Index rose 0.9%.

Check Point beats the analysts again
The company's revenue and net profit grew 8% in the first quarter.

Mellanox results and guidance disappoint
Mellanox is projecting $205-215 million in second quarter revenue, compared with $215 million in the corresponding quarter in 2016

Huge Eilat expansion masterplan approved
The planfor Israel's Red Sea resort includes construction of 14,300 homes and 5,400 hotel rooms.

Psagot execs handed jail for bond manipulation
David Edry was sentenced to 54 months in prison and fined NIS 4.5 million. Shai Ben-David got 30 months.

Teva embroiled in Copaxone dosage levels dispute
Proneuron claims in its legal battle with Teva that the Israeli pharmaceutical giant refused to consider lower dosage Copaxone.

Shekel weakens as US tax cuts unveiled
Optimism in Europe after the French elections and fear that US corporate tax cuts will cause Israeli companies to move revenue abroad are weakening the shekel.

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