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| VIDEO Link to the English Shiur By Rav Chayim Soloveichik

Yosele Y    
Sunday, 16 June 3:03 AM

The monthly English Shiur by  


Rav Chayim Soloveichik   

"?Topic: "When you do something Good, Who gets the credit you or G-D 



took place at






44 King George Street, Jerusalem




   Thursday, June 13 

at 5:00 pm  -  Room 103 



Mincha 4:45 pm  -   Room 104



There is no charge and there is free parking

Light refreshments will be served at the 2nd-floor student lounge before the shiur

(Inquiries: 02-621 5300)

     Please write to  for the source material

and to be added to the mailing list

There is a new link to watch the shiur: 



The shiur can be watched via Facebook and Youtube at the time of the shiur and afterward as well. 


Sign up to the Youtube channel to receive an e-mail when the shiur is online



The links to the Shiurim given by Rav Chayim on:

Yom Haatzmaut is:    

 Megilat Esther - Mordechai Hatzadik, Villain or Hero: the audio link is: and the video link is:


Ladies Musaph and their Connection to Korbanot 

Audio link to Rabbi Chayim's shiur given Thurs, Dec. 20th: 




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