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| The secrets to saving Money on New Cars     Tel Aviv & surrounding areas
Sunday, 21 January 9:08 PM

The following cars will save you between 10% and 16% off the MSRP/Mechiron value. 



Kia Ceed, dealer price ₪ 133, you pay ₪108,000 

Mazda 3, dealer price ₪ 131, you pay ₪112,000 

Kia Rio 2016 dealer price ₪ 109,1.4, you pay ₪ 90,000

Mazda 2, dealer price ₪ 108, you pay ₪ 99,000

Hyundai  i20 dealer price ₪ 106, you pay ₪ 91,500

Hyundai i25 dealer price ₪ 112, you pay ₪ 93,000

Hyundai i35 dealer price ₪ 135, you pay ₪ 118,000

Toyota Yaris, dealer price ₪ 104, you pay ₪ 92,500 1.3

Kia Picanto dealer price ₪ 82, you pay ₪ 71,000

Kia Sportage EX dealer price ₪ 184, 2.0, you pay ₪ 167,000

Kia Sportage Urban dealer price ₪ 146, 1.6, you pay ₪ 132,000

Kia Sportage Urban dealer price ₪ 157, 2.0, you pay ₪ 146,000

Nissan Juke 1.6. dealer price ₪ 132, you pay ₪ 113,000

Ford Fiesta .1.6, dealer price 101, you pay ₪ 86,000

Hyundai Touscon 2.0 dealer price ₪163, you pay ₪ 149,000

BMW 318 Business dealer price ₪1.5 Twin Turbo, 235 you pay ₪ 195,000

BMW 320 Sportline dealer price ₪2.0, 283, you pay ₪ 235

Hyundai Touscon 1.6 dealer price ₪ 147, you pay ₪ 138,000


1. Do Your Research

Knowledge is power. It’s a mistake to arrive at a car lot without first researching the car you want to buy. You can find out just about anything you want to know about the Israel automotive market online. Look to Yahoo! Groups and recent immigrant forums (Nefesh B’Nefesh) on Facebook for advice; cars you might buy abroad might not be right for your needs in Israel. For example, large minivans or SUVs in the United States would prove to be a nightmare to park in any major Israeli city and are very expensive on the road. The cars that constitute the Israeli car market largely come from Europe, so look to European auto guides such as Autocar, Evo, or Whatcar? to get a better idea of the technical specifications of cars you might be interested in. Some things to be aware of are engine size, fuel economy numbers, reliability estimates, and performance. It’s worth noting that smaller engine sizes tend to be more practical in Israel.

When interacting with dealership salesmen, be mindful that they will promote their own brand over any other, regardless of whether or not that brand of car is right for you. One benefit to using an agent such as Zvi Cars is impartial advice and guidance combined with years of experience in the Israeli automotive market. Sometimes choosing the right model could save you thousands of shekels per year in running costs and might spare you the cost of switching models completely, as is oft the case with new immigrants. Read More.
Car Purchase in a Safe Environment 

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