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| CompuTip - What's to See on YouTube J-314

Ami Raz     Internet
Wednesday, 25 March 10:02 AM
Bored?  Looking for what to do?  Here are some useful links:


  1. 32 Best Documentaries on YouTube You Can Watch for Free

  2. Documentaries on YouTube: 10 best ones to add to your watchlist 

    This includes documentaries about the Startup Nation, Albert Einstein, and Aaron Swartz.

  3. The best free movies on YouTube right now

  4. List of most-viewed YouTube videos

  5. How to view YouTube videos from people near you
Do you need to download a video clip to your computer?  Here are a few situations where this might come in handy:  
  • So that you can send it to someone who doesn’t have Internet access -- for example, someone with a “kosher” device which doesn’t have an Internet connection.

  • So that you can copy it to a disk-on-key and then plug it in to a TV for viewing on a large screen. 
  • So that you can play a video clip even when you are abroad and have Internet access only via WIFI or at an expensive rate for roaming abroad.
For more information, email me for my "Short Guide to Downloading Video Clips."

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