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| SPECIAL TREAT From the Bet Midrash Havrutah in Oz veGaon: Shiurim on Pessach & Links to Lectures

Yosele Y     Live Free Broadcast
Sunday, 29 March 3:00 AM
Beit Midrash Havruta in Oz veGaon 

Live broadcast from the Beit Midrash Oz veGaon
Dear Friends,

In light of the situation, our Beit Midrash will broadcast the upcoming lessons live on Facebook, from Givat Oz ve Gaon's Facebook page.

SPECIAL TREAT From the Bet Midrash Havrutah in Oz veGaon:

Shiurim for Pessach (in Hebrew):

Rabanit Shani Taragin

Rabbi Yaakov Fisher

Can be watched on youtube or on the Oz veGaon FB page

The classes are all in Hebrew.

 Thanks * to Volium Productions * for the broadcast.

* All are Welcome to join! *
Anyone who doesn't have Facebook will be able to watch the classes on YouTube.

Shavua Tov & Regards,
Yehudit, Nadia, Shira and Renee

To All Lovers of Eretz Yisrael,

The following teachers will be teaching (in Hebrew) during the first semester: 
Rabanit Shani Taragin, Rabbi David Nativ, Rabbi Yaakov Fisher, Rabbi Chaim Iram, Rabbi Yitzhak Levy, Rabbi Chaim Falk.  Avital Sharansky will teach a course on painting.

We’d love to know who wants transportation from Jerusalem or from Kiryat Arba, Hevron.  
If we get enough women who want transportation (for a fee), we will organize it בע"ה.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Renee, Shira, Yehudit, and Nadia

For more details and registration: Shira 054-7615402   Renee 054-7103240  

Yehudit Katsover 050-7161818  Nadia Matar 050-5500834

For links to the videos of all our past classes go to:   

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