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| Teaching ESL From Home, ONLINE< GOOD PAY APPROX> $20 per hour

Mindy Caplan     ONLINE
Thursday, 08 February 1:49 PM


 Ranked #1 in Forbes “Top 10 Companies Offering Remote Jobs”

VIPKID is uplifting the education industry by providing teachers with the most rewarding and cutting-edge online language platform for children. We give you the opportunity to inspire and empower children in China by teaching them English. Join an empowered community earning $14-22/hr with our meticulously developed curriculum that you can teach whenever and wherever you’d like, without being able to speak Chinese.



HI I work for a company called VIPKID. You can google them, many teachers have posted their interview process, classroom tips etc on youtube. Company has over 15,000 teachers, tens of thousands of kids and investors like Koby Bryant. It It is based in Beijing, China. They were recently applauded in the American Magazine, Women's Day as one of the top at home, internet jobs!

You apply, have an interview, model lesson- all via a skype type platform- pretty straight forward. They require any bachelor's degree, you do have to provide a diploma or transcripts and some teaching experience. The material is given to you, a series of slides for each class.

Assuming you have an up to date computer and wired stable internet access, the only purchases you need are a set of headphones and some props. Ie magnetic abc or I have used plastic food etc.


The base pay is $7.50 per 25 minute class. However, there are incentives, ie $1 or 2 for showing up or teaching more than 30 classes added per class and other monthly incentives that add to your pay. It averages out to about $20 per hour, while you are working at home.

I enjoy the job, it is easy, fun and rewarding. You fill out your hours, including the number of peak hours. You have access and can change your schedule, ie if no one booked you for Tuesday evening, you can decide to block it out and go out for the evening. The time difference between Jerusalem and Beijing allows for you to work normal hours


. We are given a personal referral code so if you check it out, please use mine as there is a serious referral fee for me, Id=2508336 01HRG0

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the site. B'Hatzlacha, Mindy


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