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| Out of the Box LIstening Skills One Day Workshop

Anne Seham     Mavesseret Zion
Friday, 20 April 12:43 PM

Inthe Presence of the Beloved Presents

Outof the Box Listening Skills

 Facilitated by Anne Seham 

The most intimate and healing moments are when our hearts are opened unconditionally to hear the other person, without putting our opinions, thoughts, stories, doingness into the encounter with the other. Our beingness heals. What gets in the way of our knowing the truth about this for ourselves? When do we fill the space because of our own discomfort with the other's pain or simply not knowing?

In this one-day workshop we will creatively explore what is listening and what gets in the way of our listening. 

Out of the Box Listening Skills. Listening from one's whole being.  For Personal and/or Professional Growth.   This one day workshop  will interweave basic empathic listening skills with energetic skills that allow us to listen with our whole beings, not just our ears. We will explore what keeps us from being able to hear another (and ourselves) and learn fun creative ways to come into deeper presence and listening. Anne Seham has over 25 years teaching and practicing listening skills. 


from Rabbi Ami Silver, MSW: I trained under Anne for two-years incounseling and listening skills. The experience was nothing short oftransformative. The tools that I learned from Anne continue to play a centralrole in my professional and personal life years later. As a teacher, Anneshares her unique gifts of presence and deep listening, and courageous care andcompassion for each person's journey. This is work that touches the soul, inthe most grounded and safe environment.


From Rolinda Schonewald: Dear Anne, Thank youfor opening new portals for deeper listening, especially when old reactivitypatterns are triggered, and also on a day-to-day basis. May we all be blessedto learn to listen the way you do, without trying to fix or solve - rather bytaking the opportunity to reflect what we hear and find a safe space to growinto new possibilities. You are a blessing. Thank you for taking this next stepto bring your teachings to a wider public!


Date and time: Thursday, May 3, Lag B'Omer, 9:30AM-3:45PM

Cost: 400 NIS (no one will be excluded because of money so if it is a hardship please be in touch for a reduced fee)

LocationAt the home of Judy Enteen in Mevesseret Zion (bus stops right in front of her house)

For moreinformation or to register and pay: Anne Seham:;  054 766 1696 


Anne Seham offers aprocess of soulful self-discovery that she calls In the Presence of the Beloved. With over 25 years of experience, she works with groups and individuals creatingpresence and sacred intimate safe space. In that space are many possibilities including conversation, creativeexpression, and exploring dreams.  Sheoffers one-on-one sessions via skype and in person, groups and webinars.   


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