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| Starting this Monday! On Fertile Ground: Honoring Transition Creative Expression Webinar Series

Anne Seham     Mavesseret Zion
Saturday, 26 May 8:44 PM

In the Presence of the Beloved Presents

On Fertile Ground:

Creative Expression in

Honoring Transition

  This is a three part Creative Expression Webinar!

Mondays, May 28, June 4 and June 11, 5-6:30PM 

We all go through transitions. Some are major and obvious like getting married, divorced, having a baby, starting a new career, facing into illness (our own or a loved ones), and loss. But transition can be also much more subtle and internal and these may be much harder to put into words. For example: when we realize that a pattern that we have lived with for a time may no longer serve us and yet we don’t know how to do something different; or noticing a passion in us that we have not given space to and don’t really know what it means in the world. 

In this three part Webinar series, each of us will have space to honor our unique experience of a transition we are going through at this time, whether it’s clearly defined, or more subtle, or some combination. We will explore what transition is for us through creative expression which can be drawing and/or writing. If you remember your night time dreams, you are welcome to bring a moment from a dream if it speaks to you. Each person can participate as they would like. 

If you have never participated in a webinar before, I invite you! I have participated in many where sacred intimate space is created. You don’t need to have any drawing experience, although you will need to bring something to draw with (for example, colored pencils, crayons, (personally I like to work with oil pastels because you can smudge them), whatever you would like, and some paper. 

Cost for the Series is: 360NIS or $100 (or pay what you can). if you register and pay by Thursday, May 24 the cost is 310NIS or $85 (or pay what you can, no one will be turned away because of money challenges) 

To register please be in touch with me via messenger, or email: If you have questions you can write me or call me at 054 766 1696. 


facebook event page: 
Anne Seham offers a process of soulful self-discovery that she calls In the Presence of the Beloved. With over 25 years of experience, she works with groups and individuals creating presence and sacred intimate safe space. In that space are many possibilities including conversation, creative expression, and exploring dreams, She offers one-on-one sessions via skype and in person, groups and webinars. She lives in the Jerusalam area.

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