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| Janglo Cause of the Month (Shvat): Keren Malki

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 13 February 2:09 PM
If you've benefitted from Janglo, please consider making a donation to our cause of the month: 

Keren Malki – the Malki Foundation empowers families of children with severe disabilities in Israel to keep the children within their family home instead of living in institutions.

The challenges that face a family caring for a child with serious special-needs are never simple. Neurological disorders, severe illness and childhood developmental problems change the lives of all parties: the child, the parents, the siblings, even the community surrounding the family. We know that these families need sustained, targeted help to stand up to these challenges.

We believe that there are no better advocates and caregivers for a child than his or her parents. Global research also shows that institutional care, as important and indispensable as it can be, almost always has some negative effects on the child and the family. While other Western countries have long-understood the detrimental effect institutionalization can have on the child and their family, Israel has been resistant to this view, and government funding for home care is limited.

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