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| Free Photoshoot

David Saban     Jerusalem / Beitar
Tuesday, 06 March 12:37 PM

Want a free professional photo shoot outdoors?

Call 053 273 0722

Learning photography and need models to practice on! You'll get free amazing quality photos in return!

Free, no catch!

Can be family portraits, or just yourself! All ages and people welcome. Doesn't matter if you are a single or married, female or male, with or without friends/family, married couples with or without children, etc.

Want professional photos of just you and your spouse, no problem! Just yourself, sure! How about the whole family with all the kids, GREAT!

Must be available to meet around 3:30pm, 4:00pm the latest. Either in Jerusalem or Beitar. Any day of the week is usually fine, just call me to arrange a time and place.


All the best.



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