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AACI Jerusalem Programs     Neighborhoods in Jerusalem & Surrounding Areas
Monday, 26 March 10:24 AM


Sunday, April 1st, 10:00

Spring & Springs in Judea with Guide Arie Salomon

Cost: NIS 60/40 AACI members for adults, NIS 50/ 30 AACI members for youth (up to age 18)

Meeting spot: Kibbutz Kfar Etzion gate (public transportation from Egged CBS Jerusalem / parking for private cars nearby)

Pre-registration: by email  or WhatsApp 0505624856 (Please leave a message with your name + phone number)


Walking tour climbing up & down between traditional farming terraces and springs the same way our forefathers did for many generations during 1st and 2nd temple days


Sunday, April 1st, 16:00

Bar-Kochva Hiding Tunnels in Judean Plane with Guide Arie Salomon

Cost: NIS 60/40 AACI members for adults, NIS 50/ 30 AACI members for youth (up to age 18)

Meeting spot: HaElla junction (Beit-Shemesh – Beit-Guvrin road / road no. 38 )

Pre-registration: by email  or whatsapp 0505624856 (Please leave a message with your name + phone number)


Overview from Mitzpe Masuaa KKL Watchtower & walking tour at Horvat-Midras ruins of a Judean village from 2nd temple times, ending with a crawl through hiding tunnels from Bar-Kochva revolt against the Roman Empire. Flashlights mandatory!


Monday, April 2nd, 10:00

“Think and Thank” in Buckingham Palace, Rabbi Honey Nectar, the Sacrifice of Sara Tzipa and the MiShebeirach of David Reiss with Guide Moshe Kahan

Cost: NIS 55/45 AACI members

Meeting Spot: The Windmill at Mishkenot Sha’ananim

Registration by phone 0505656613 or e-mail


The 19th century saga of neighborhood building that saw Jerusalem expand beyond the walls of the old city is the subject of Moshe Kahan’s insider’s tour.  We’ll visit Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Machaneh Yisrael, Nachlat Shiva, Beit David and other sites along the way, all from an insider’s perspective.

On this lively tour you will be exposed to this pioneering communal enterprise and the tempo and tensions that permeate our Holy City and which resonate even today throughout the State of Israel. Fun and informative for all ages.


Monday, April 2nd, 11:30

The Nachlaot Jerusalem Art Tour, with Guide Caron Greenblatt

Meeting spot: Davidka Square, Jaffa St

Cost: NIS 90 per person

Pre registration: email Caron at or go to


Experience the neighborhoods of Jerusalem through the eyes of the artists. Meet the artists in their studios, visit galleries on and off the beaten track, and learn of their unique connection to Jerusalem. The tour lasts up to 2 hours and there is minimal walking involved. Unfortunately the tour is not suitable for those with walkers/ wheelchairs.


Tuesday, April 3rd, 9:00 and 12:00

The Old City Adventure with Guide Moshe-Daniel Rothberg,

Cost: NIS 55/45 AACI members

Meeting Spot: Jaffa Gate

Pre- Registration: Call 054-772-4650 to book this wonderful outing!

Moshe-Daniel Rothberg will take you on an enlightening and mystifying journey through the history of Jerusalem and her spiritual heritage. The tour begins outside Jaffa Gate and climactically finishes at the Kotel HaMa’aravi (Western Wall).


Wednesday, April 4th, 9:30

Two Thousand years on Rehov Agron, with Guide Ruth Frank

Cost: NIS 55/45 AACI members

Meeting Spot: Agron Street opposite the Supersol

Pre- registration: Call Ruth at 054- 636- 4108

A 3- hour tour which begins at the top of Rehov Agron corner of King George–with the story of the Dutch countess who owned all the land that today includes  Supersol and the King’s hotel. We will make brief stops at George Eliot and L.L. Zamenhof alleys, Menashe Ben Yisrael Street, and at the Second Temple reservoir in Independence Park. We will end our tour at Mahane Yisrael, the second neighborhood built outside the walls of the old city at the Center for North African Jewry

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