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| Here's How Jerusalem Celebrated Good Deeds Day (Pics)

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 13 March 9:28 PM
For the seventh year in a row, the Jerusalem Municipality has been taking part in the "Good deeds Day" which was held today (Tuesday) on community-social projects that shared a large and unprecedented number of residents who volunteered together in the city's neighborhoods for various purposes. During the day, hundreds of events and activities took place throughout the city, and the day ended with mass singing - Kolulam, at Safra Square, with the participation of 1,500 residents of the city who took part in singing.

Elgin Long, who was a partner in bringing the Yemenite Aliyah to Israel in Operation Kanfei Nesharim in 1949, joined the 90th birthday celebrations. Elgin Long, 91, is the last surviving crew member of Alaska Airlines. And arrives in Israel for the first time in 60 years since the flight of Jewish refugees from Yemen and Shanghai.

The "Bank Yahav" Hapoel Jerusalem team held a festive basketball game of the "Major League" against the children of ZIM from the "Champions League" established by the Jerusalem Municipality in cooperation with the Ali Sheikh Association in the Malha Basketball Hall. There were 1,000 spectators. The excitement was great and at the end of the event the players gave the participants the gift of the city's sports department - basketball for each player and cup.

In the neighborhood of Shmuel Hanavi and Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood, hundreds of positive reports were distributed to drivers - for safe driving and the sign "With life, no games take personal responsibility -

The Municipal Headquarters for Road Safety, the Israel Police, Ralbag and the community administrations.

The photography exhibition "The Eye Seeing Heard" was opened by graduates of the Photography Department at Beit Zussman, in cooperation with the Ginogli Center. Krembo Wings youth movement and students of the Yehuda Halevi School, parents and teachers held a festive happening and activities for children with special needs in the Yehuda Halevi School.

The veteran residents of Jerusalem were invited to a retirement conference marking the 60th anniversary of Jerusalem and volunteering at the age of six. The conference included lectures, a performance by singer Gabi Berlin and others.

This year, record high-quality volunteer projects in thousands of residents have been broken, with more than 80,000 people participating in the Arab sector. There has been a welcome mobilization of 12,500 people for volunteer activities during the day, a year-on-year rise in the number of volunteers and the scale of projects among all sectors.

"Good Deeds Day" is a wide national project that encourages giving and action for the community and society and promotes the spirit of volunteerism and mutual responsibility. The project is the initiative of Shari Arison, which is implemented annually through the "Ruach Tova" organization of the Arison Group, and in recent years has expanded to 50 additional countries.

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