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For sale by owner

Panoramic penthouse, views to Jerusalem old city, gross 200 Sqm for 5 rooms plus 200 Sqm of terrace₪6100000

sigal regev admoni     Abu Tor     5 rooms     See on Map
Tuesday, 25 September 12:07 PM

The unique penthouse belongs to Yehoram Gaon located in a prestigious building named after Gaon.

The penthouse alone is occupying the 3rd floor of the building.

Very spacious, gross 200 sqm inhabiting 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, huge living room and dining room including a bar and a fire place. The kitchen extends to the dining and living room. The spacious master suite has walk-in closet.

The private roof terrace above has gross 200 sqm with magnificent views that overlooks the historical sites of Jerusalem.

Located in Hagichon St. 22 Abu Tor.

The penthouse has 2 private parking places and 4 air exposures.

The building features an elevator and only 5 tenants.

Built on 1987, designed by Dani Berler (of blessed memory)– a well known Israeli architecture.

Yehoram Gaon is an Israeli singer, actor, director, producer, TV and radio host, writer and publicist of Israeli and Ladino culture and a public figure.

Gaon is a proud Israeli that was born and raised in the capital. "You can take the man out of Jerusalem, but you can’t take Jerusalem out of the man".

Gaon was elected by Yitzhak Rabin to perform at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo.

Gaon was awarded the prestigious "Israeli Prize" - the state's highest cultural honor.

Gaon served in the Jerusalem Municipal Council, holding the portfolio for Cultural Affairs and Special Education Needs for 10 years. This penthouse was his home during this period and after.

The exceptional building is located on the historic Israeli defense bunker that overlooked the Jordenian teritory at the Six-Day war. Today it is part of the Abu Tor neighborhood – a very central location, close to many restaurants, synagogues and the old train station.

This historic extraordinary property can now be yours to enjoy the central location, views and its unique soul.


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